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Collada Plugin for After Effects - Export

Export Process:

collada export dialog

Note that the script based file save dialog does not check for preexisting files and will overwrite files without warning.

The Exportor options:

Scene scale
Collada scene values exported from After Effects tend to be fairly large. Use this value to scale down the exported scene. 100 will scale down by a factor of 100.

Include zero value rotations in scene node?
If a layer's rotation/orientation has no keyframes and has values equal to zero then it doesn't contribute anything to the scene or animation and can be ignored by the export process.

Export marked layers as joints?
The collada importer will add a joint comment expression to a null layer's light transmission attribute to indicate that it came from a collada joint node. The exporter can read this comment and export a skeleton joint node instead of a null node.


After Effects bake for export
1. create keys as needed
2. activate expression - no changes
3. animation - keyframe assistant - convert expression to keyframes

July 15, 2013