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GMax Fundamentals

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GMax Fundamentals is what I call the process of using GMax to learn something about 3dsmax by using the instructional videos from 3DBuzz titled, "Mastering 3DSMax The Fundamentals". I believe the original class took place sometime in 2006 or so and used version 8 of the application. GMax is based on 3DSMax version 4, however a lot of the instruction translated fairly well despite several limitations in GMax. Link to the United3DArtists WIP page

Project 1 - The Talented Ball:

talented ball gmax
The first project was the bouncing ball. There is no rendered animation for this project

Project 2 - F14 Attack:

transparency cockpit
Cockpit detail not scene in the video because of GMax material limitations
f14 uv
UV map in process
Completed F14
tower detail
Tower detail
carrier rear
Rear detail not seen in the video
carrier textured
Completed carrier

Project 3 - Dragon's First Birthday:

Bare dragon model complete
UV map via morph. Click to see a morph video
Final UV with test pattern
Rigging controls
UI, morph targets and control objects on fully textured dragon.
The Hand Controls section of the UI dose not do anything because of GMax limitations. There are multiple controls on the tail to try to simulate Spline IK found in 3dsmax.
morph test
Morph expression test.
The dragon has cartoon style eyes so their shape changes with the expression. The final version uses spherical non-deforming eyes because the FFD deform in GMax didn't work with motion.


Shortcuts. Some changed to match 3dsmax:

Convert to editable poly. Editable mesh is an older system but still useful for some GMax functions like edge extrude by shift drag.

GMax playblast vb script - used with MWSnap to create image sequences from GMax

Whle left mouse is down can instant undo with right click(cancel current operation)

Wire parameters are sensitive to the set animation range. They only work inside the time range set when they are created. Workaround is to copy the expression to the clipboard, disconnect the link, reconnect and paste the expression back into place.

Bug: Parent reference corrdinate system translation is not relative to the parent.

Snapping perpendicular only works in creation mode. Tangent only works in creation and on circle and curves. Gizmo limited to 2 axis so need to use screen coordinates to snap in 3D space. GMax needs pivot snap because it can't just select the center of an object.

GMax edge delete == 3dsmax remove edge

Cannot shift-drag an edge of an editable poly to get extruding action. Only works in editable mesh.

Array tool has no preview mode. UV tools small subset of those in 3dsmax. Screen shot only way to export UV layouts.

Big bones filling the geometry did not help with initial skinning and made more difficult to work with.

GMax Xref gave me a lot of trouble on Project 2, F14 attack

Screen captures better with Direct3D. OpenGL and Heidi don't look as good but are much faster the directX.

MWSnap needs to be minimized before creating an image sequence.

UV process(from sketchy notes):

  1. make a selection
  2. uvw map it
  3. collapse
  4. unwrap uvw to adjust
  5. collapse
  6. repeat

Bump maps, specular maps and transparency maps don't show in the viewport.

Default keyframe type set in Customize > Preferences, Controller Defaults, Set Defaults... BezierFloat, Set..., now can choose in and out type for better control.

3dsmax when rigging can select all control objects, alt-right click and set as skin pose making a default pose. GMax does not have this.

GMax has no pelt mapping. Manual workaround:

  1. Break the model into elements along the desired seams using edge select
  2. Split(not divide). Save the selection by naming it.
  3. Create a morph and manually flatten the elements.
  4. Do planar UV mapping on it.
  5. Morph back into shape
  6. Assign any material id's needed for multi-materials
  7. Weld vertices back together.

Gmax does not have these features discussed in the lessons: