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Doom3 Animation Import
Find and Extract the animation:
  Doom3 models can be found in "c:\program files\doom 3\base\pak002.pk4"

Rename the file from "pak002.pk4" to ""

Now the file can be opened as a normal zip file - extract the mesh and texture files

the hellknight mesh and animations are located in the zip file under
copy the ".md5anim" files to the project objects folder
Import Process:
  Autokey must be on.

Set the time slider to the time to where the animation will load.  Several animations can be loaded at once by having different start times.

Select the mesh or one of its bones

run "MD5_AnimLoad" - utilities tab, plugins, generic, Generic Plugins, MD5_AnimLoad
here you may be given the option to change lightwave frame rate to match the md5anim

wait..., the import process is fairly slow
  The skeleton used must match the skeleton used in the animation file.
You can't use a fat zombie skeleton with a hellknight skeleton.

A NULL named "veryTempNull" will be created as part of the import process.  It should be deleted.

If  a camera, light or mesh without bones is selected during import, then the veryTempNull is created and the skeleton built on top of it.  If nothing is selected then a buildNull is created and the skeleton built on that.  In both cases you end up with a large skeleton with very small bones.