Lightwave 3D Plugins
(Doom3 Mesh Export)
crazy bones
ready to export
Export the Mesh:
  run MD5_MeshSave
utilities tab, plugins, generic, Generic Plugins, MD5_MeshSave
if asked go ahead and delete the "calcNULL"
  mesh names in md5mesh file will come from the layer name
if there is only one layer then the mesh name will be the object name 

there should be only 1 skeleton attached to the main mesh
all other meshes will use this skeleton

be sure to remove any skelegons from the scene before export

all meshes must be triangulated

all points must have a uv map

all points must have a weightmap with a name that matches the corresponding bone
weightmap normalization is automatically calculated during the export

surface names will translate to shader names in the md5mesh file