Lightwave 3D Plugins
(Doom3/Quake4 Mesh Import(wip)  
hellknight posed   hellknight posed 2
doom3 hellknight imported to Lightwave
This page will show how to get the Hellknight model out of doom3 and into Lightwave 9.2. 
The plugins can be found on the home page.
Find and extract the model from the game.
  Doom3 models can be found in "c:\program files\doom 3\base\pak002.pk4"

Rename the file from "pak002.pk4" to ""

Now the file can be opened as a normal zip file - extract the mesh and texture files

the hellknight mesh and animations are located in the zip file under
copy these to the objects folder

the tga texture files are found in
copy these to the project images folder

rename the file back to "pak002.pk4"
  Quake 4 models can be found in "c:\program files\id Software\Quake 4\q4base\pak003.pk4
and in "c:\program files\id Software\Quake 4\q4base\pak007.pk4
Load the mesh into Modeler
bottom is front
bottom view shows the front of the character 
  start modeler and use the file menu to load the md5mesh object
(change file type Objects to All)

delete the skelegon layer
the skelegon layer would be useful as a template for a custom model
skelegons don't have the original skeleton orientations needed for compatibility

F7 to open the layers panel
  assign surface
hellknightmeshS surface assigned to mesh in layer hellknightmesh 
  for each layer select a layer then "q" to assign surface,
choose the corresponding surface and click ok
  the corresponding surface name is the layer name + "S"
  to use the original shader names open the md5mesh file in a text editor and copy the shader into the surface name
 "hellknightmeshS" becomes "models/monsters/hellknight/hellknight"

these are the lines from the md5mesh file:

mesh {
     // meshes: hellknightmesh
     shader "models/monsters/hellknight/hellknight"
  left right mirror 
  note that the left and right sides are mirrored, 
the picture above shows the luparm weight on the right side of the character 
  save as a lightwave object without the ".md5mesh", save object as
Load the lightwave object into layout
  autokey needs to be on and active

select the object(one mesh) and run MD5_BoneLoad
utilities tab, plugins, generic, Generic Plugins, MD5_Bone

Load the bones from "hellknight.md5mesh"

select all bones of the current object and "r" to rest them
  crazy bones 
  the bones will look a little wild because they are using the orientations from the md5mesh file
  select each of the other meshes and set them to use the bones from the hellknightmesh layer:

select a mesh layer that is not connected to the skeleton
go to Bones (shift b)
properties (p)
use bones from object - change from "self" to hellknightmesh
Assign textures
  open the surface editor(F5) and choose the hellknightmeshS
smoothing applied 
  turn smoothing on and then go to edit nodes
  after normal
normal map applied 
  add node, 2d textures, normal map
  double click and load the hellknight_local image
  normal setup 
  Mapping = UV Map and UV Map = hellknightmeshUV
  add node, 2d textures, image
  double click and load hellknight image, do uv's and connect color to color, if render is black use the image editor to disable the alpha for the tga image
  copy the node and load hellknight_s image, opacity 20% , do uv's and hook alpha to specular
  color added specular added
color on left and specular on the right added, white area is the tongue, saliva and drool
  now do the same for the tongue, saliva and drool surfaces
  haven't figured out what to do with the all the textures yet
  Next: import animation