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Fix Exported Collada python script for LW2018

The Fix Collada export script is a Lightwave 2018 Python script that is run on a LW exported Collada file to clean it, add camera and light animation and fixes some pivot issues in the exports.

Fix Exported Collada python script for LW2018 (Layout)

Fix Exported Collada python script for LW2018 (Modeler)

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  1. Copy the "" file into the plugins folder or some subfolder like C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.0\support\plugins\scripts\Python.
  2. Use the Utilities/Add Plugins button to add the python file as a button
  3. The plugin/script will appear as "Python Fix Collada" in the Additional dropdown list

collada fixer


  1. Export a Collada file from Lightwave
  2. Run this script and select the file
  3. Choose a save as file/location for the new file - can be the same as the source file
  4. Choose your options and press OK


  • Remove extra rotation nodes - LW adds several rotation nodes with zero rotation values, this removes those nodes
  • Remove extra translation nodes - LW adds several translation nodes with zero values, this removes those nodes
  • Add Camera FOV animation - the camera zoom animation is converted to degrees and added to the collada file
  • Add Light properties animation - light color and spot angle animations are added to the collada file
  • Convert image paths to relative - converts image paths from absolute to relative style for easier sharing of assets
  • Apply mesh pivot to the vertices - adds the rotate pivot to the translation and subtracts the uncorrected inverse pivot from the mesh vertices. The result is that the meshes are converted to use the origin plus vertex translation instead of the pivot. The corrected inverse pivot is the negative of the inverse pivot as written by Lightwave.
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  • It cleans the file by removing all the translation and rotation tags that don't add any useful information.
  • fixes pivot problem
  • makes animation compatible with Blender
  • Modeler will not export parenting relationships. So if you setup a heirarchy in Modeler be sure to export the Collada file from Layout.
April 8, 2012