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Fix Collada import python scripts for LW11

The Collada Import Fixer Layout script is a Lightwave 11 Python script that is run on a Collada file to read camera and light data. This script will read the camera X fov or Y fov and the corresponding fov animation, light color and spotlight angle with animations and ambient light value without animations. Reads material textures from the collada file.

works in LW2018 - except for spot lights

The Make Collada Spotlight Readable Layout script is a Lightwave 11 Python script that is run on a Collada file before import to add extra LW core based tags to spotlights. Lightwave 11 will not read spotlights in Collada files generated by other programs. This script adds some Lightwave Core extra tags so that Lightwave will recognize a spotlight and import it.

does not work in LW2018

Fix Collada import python script for LW11

Make Collada Spotlight Readable python script

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Installation steps 1,2 and 3 can be skipped if Lightwave was installed with the Expand Python Runtime set to Yes. They can also be skipped for Lightwave 2015 and up installations. I think it expands the runtime without asking.


  1. Find the file in the bin folder of the Lightwave installation - C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.0\bin
  2. Open the zip file and copy "pyexpat.pyd" out of and into the bin folder
  3. Restart Lightwave
  4. Copy the python files into the plugins folder or some subfolder like C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.0\support\plugins\scripts\Python.
  5. Use the Utilities/Add Plugins button to add the python file as a button
  6. The plugin/script will appear as "Python Fix Collada Import" and as as "Python Collada Add Spot Extra" in the Additional dropdown list

Alternate for steps 1 and 2 from a Newtek forums post :

Since Python 2.7.2 cannot load shared libraries from a Zip file, you must extract the Python library files found in "bin/" to a folder called "bin/Lib". Once extracted, delete or rename "", run LightWave, and Python should be able to locate and use all the shared libraries bundled within the "Lib/" folder (including "bin/Lib/pyexpat.pyd").

collada import spotlight add extra


  1. skip to the next section if the file has no spotlights or LW version is 2018
  2. Run the Python Collada Add Spot Extra script
  3. Select the Collada file
  4. Define a Save As Collada file for the new file - it can be the same as the input file
  5. press OK
  6. import the Collada file

collada import fixer


  • Add Camera FOV animation - the camera zoom animation is imported
  • Add Light properties animation - light color, ambient color and spot angle are imported


  1. Run the "Make Spotlight Readable" script on the collada file if it contains any spotlights
  2. Load the Collada file into Lightwave
  3. Run this script on the same collada file
  4. Choose options and press OK
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August 31, 2015:

  • camera and light animations not importing
  • added version number to the title bar - version 1.3

July 20, 2013:

  • crash bug fix - was crashing when non-mesh items found in the scene before the meshes
  • was not searching the scene for meshes was only using the first mesh in the scene

Jun 16, 2013:

  • was only processing top level scene items - fixed
  • imports and assigns material textures

Sept 2 2012:

Fixed blue component of color animation and the spot light cone angle

August 31, 2012