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HDR to Lights

Lightwave 11.5 python script used to call the medianCut script written by Steve Twist for 3DWorld Issue #134 based on Paul Debevec's Median Cut Algorithm (Debevec 2005). It reads a HDR image and creates a set of lights based on the image.

This set of scripts has not been tested in any way and very little error checking is in place. Use at your own risk.

hdr to lights

Right click the links below and save as:

Lightwave HDR to Lights script

MedianCut script modified for Lightwave

Sample HDR image

Place the two python scripts in the generics folder for python scripts:

C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.5\support\plugins\scripts\Python\Layout\Generic\

hdr to lights panel


  • Select HDR File - Latitude/Longitude style HDR image
  • Divisions - 2 raised to the divisions gives the number of lights produced. 5 => 32 lights, 6 => 64 lights...
  • Intensity Multiplier - multiply the light values by a constant
  • Dome Radius - size of the dome of lights created
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  • For some unknown reason the script can only be run once per session.
  • A light and a parent null are created for each light to form the light dome.
March 05, 2013