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Info Panel for LW11.6

Lightwave 11.6 python script for displaying and modifying an object name and transform values.

It was originally started as a convenient method to rename a scene object(nulls, lights, cameras) by just typing and pressing enter. It grew to include the other fields to resemble something like the info panel found in trueSpace. The script uses the Master plugin architecture and implements a non-modal interface panel.

works in LW 2018

right click the link above to download

To install copy the file to the python script master plugin folder, something like:

"C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.5\support\plugins\scripts\Python\Layout\Master\"

lightwave info panel


  • Type in any field to set and keyframe the value, simple equations also work
  • The R button is to reset the values to (0,0,0) for position and rotation or (1,1,1) for scale
  • The K button is for setting keyframes when autokey is disabled and the values are changed outside of this panel. The normal Lightwave shortcut(ret) is more convenient in this case.
  • Position, World Position and BB size have units of meters
  • Ac - "active" non-stop calculation of the bounding box
  • De - read deformed points for the bounding box, world space bounding box including the result of scale and rotation
  • Pivot Position and Rotation R to reset to (0,0,0) S to set to the displayed value.  Note that this is not the same as Recording the Pivot.
  • Change all mesh instances when renaming controls whether the selected object or all the common mesh objects in the scene will be renamed.
    • When checked it is the equivalent of using the file menu "Save Current Object...".
    • Unchecked is the same as "Save Object Copy..." followed by "Replace > With Object" when the checkbox below is unchecked. Final step is to remove the check when it appears in the box below this.
  • if checked click NOW to finish renaming requires user input to compete the renaming of a mesh object. It is needed when "Change all mesh instances when renaming" is not checked. When a check appears here, click it to complete the rename. This is the same as doing "Replace > With Object" using the previous saved object.
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  • The bounding box uses a brute force calculation by examining all the points of a mesh. These calculations can easily bog down a scene when the Ac(active) box is checked
  • the renaming process for meshes is awkward because new lwo files have to be created.
  • the deformed points option will disable bounding box input values since they affect scale and scale is already included in the deformed point positions

December 7, 2018

  • version 1.91 - fixed field placement and made small buttons wider
  • LW2018.5

September 14, 2015 ver 1.9:

  • changed behavior of the bounding box active checkbox. when unchecked the bounding box is calculated and values saved the first time a mesh is selected
  • added De(Deform) option to read deformed points to calculate the bounding box

Feb 18 2014 - script v1.8:

added pivot rotation and position controls

Dec 4 2013 - script v1.7:

  • ok I think I got the last bug with this version
  • it creates only one instance and is tied to the layout instead of the scene
  • bounding box active checkbox added - stops slowdowns from larger meshes

Dec 3 2013:

script v1.6 fixed couple of bugs, updated required LW version to 11.6

Nov 29 2013:

script v1.5 works with LW11.6 release, crashes in LW11.5.1

Sept 28 2013:

Lightwave 11.6 sept 25 pre-release does not crash when using the mesh creation tools.  Info Panel script v1.4

April 24 2013:

workaround for rename crash

April 20 2013:

added ability to rename mesh objects.

April 9 2013:

added bounding box size control

March 05, 2013