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Autodesk MatchMover Import for LW11

Lightwave 11.6 python script for importing an XSI vbscript file exported from Autodesk MatchMover.

right click the link above to download

To install copy the file to the python script's plugin folder, something like:

"C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6\support\plugins\scripts\Python\"

matchmover panel


  • Camera parented - if checked the camera will be parented to a null heirarchy otherwise it will be set to use same as item for the null
  • Import camera FOV animation - import animated changes of the fov


  1. Match move a file sequence
  2. File Export - XSI ; VB Script (*.vbs)
  3. Now in Layout - set the frame rate of the scene to match
  4. If the camera tab is active move to another tab
  5. run the script and wait - there is no progress indicator
  6. load the image sequence
  7. set compositing to use the sequence
  8. set the camera width and height to match the sequence size
  9. optionally bake the camera keyframes
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April 20 2014 - v1.2 fix camera rotation

April 18 2014 - v1.1 fix camera fov math

April 17, 2014