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Sequence Object Surface Loader python script

Use this LW 11.5 script to copy the surface of one object onto a sequence of objects. It can be used with the Blender Fluids importer to resurface the sequence of lwo files.

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To install copy the file to the python script plugin folder, something like:

"C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6\support\plugins\scripts\Python\"

object sequence surface copy

The files are read in one by one and the surface from a source mesh is copied into the sequenced mesh and then the newly surfaced mesh is saved to disc.

Dialog items:

  • copy surface from - mesh that holds the replacement surface
  • sequenced object - one of the meshes in a sequence of lwo files that will receive the new surface assignment
  • First frame - start frame for the animation range
  • Last frame - end frame for the animation.  If both First and Last frame are left at -1 the script will automatically determine the correct values for the entire range


  • filename can have only one '.' just before the file extension
  • filename extension must have 3 letters
  • The sequence of files must have their number padded with zeros and the number must be just before the ".lwo"

  • Object Replacement must be set to None
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November 8, 2013:

  • Permanent fix for item name crash
  • No need to disable the sequence
  • Progress dialog added
  • Final version until a method can be found to load a surface from disc without causing a crash

November 6, 2013:

  • Found major reason for crash - quick temp fix with error message
  • Works with other object file types(.obj)
October 26, 2013