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FBX Converter

Poor mans FBX converter created from a modified FBX SDK 2020.1 Import Export sample. The converter will work with several file formats: dae, obj... This version allows the user to select the FBX version to export to.

For 64bit windows only


  1. Import from ... <- select a file to import
  2. Export to ... <- select a filename to export
  3. Execute convert the file
  4. <- version type the version for FBX files to use, "FBX202000" will be the default if nothing is typed in

Version options

  • FBX202000
  • FBX201900
  • FBX201800
  • FBX201600
  • FBX201400
  • FBX201300
  • FBX201200
  • FBX201100
  • --- fbx 6.0 below this line ---
  • FBX201000
  • FBX200900
  • FBX200611

available fbx version options are listed during the export phase of an fbx file

Import File Formats
Export File Formats, Archive of the 3 files that were altered from the original source

Autodesk FBX SDK, bottom of the page for a link to archived versions of the SDK and the discontinued FBX 2013.3 Converter.

October 5, 2021

MicMac GUI

micmac icon

A graphical user interface for MicMac photogrammetry software. The primary purpose is to provide an easy step by step workflow towards creating a 3D model from photographs by calling the various programs included in MicMac.

March 2, 2022


Scripts made for Scribus v1.5.6.1

Import Table from a CSV file right click to download


  1. Create a table at the desired size and position
  2. Menu, Script > Execute script... to run the script
  3. Choose the CSV file to import
  4. Resize the table to fix it's appearance

Set the Character or Paragraph style on multiple text frames right click to download

scribus style dialog


  • Select the text frames
  • Menu, Script > Execute script... to run the script
  • Choose a character or paragraph style from the drop down list
  • Press the corresponding button to apply the style to the selection
March 5, 2021
March 5, 2021