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Joint Orientation Helper for trueSpace7.61

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Script for controlling the orientation of joints in a skeleton.

persistent base install required


  1. install the Unofficial update - strongly encouraged
  2. install the persistent base if not already installed
  3. drag the node into the link editor
  4. delete the node from the scene after install is complete

The script creates a mesh that indicates the orientation of the selected joint. Change the orientation of the helper mesh and then use the second part of the script to transfer the changes to the joint. This is useful for mechanical actors like the hinge joints of a door.

joint orientation

Usage (orient a joint):

  1. select a joint
  2. press the Create Guide button
  3. either
    • rotate the guide to the desired orientation
    • or move the Z axis indicator and press the Align Z axis button
  4. press the Transfer Changes to Joint button

Usage (zero all joints)

  1. select an actor or a skeleton
  2. make sure the default pose is set
  3. press the Zero All Joints button


  • Installer creates a button that runs the script in the panel view.
  • Use on an unskinned skeleton, otherwise the skin will deform.  It's best to use this tool before skinning.
  • The standard 3d colors will make a helper mesh where x=red, y=green and z=blue.

To use on a skinned character (assuming uv set 2 is free):

  1. Apply any uv map using UV set 2
  2. Edit uv map set 2 and choose "Flatten selected UV vertices" to make unique uv's for each vertex.
  3. Copy the character/actor and use the copy in the following steps.
  4. Use the "Attach Skin to Skeleton" tool to detach the skeleton.
  5. Use the Joint Orientation Control on the new character without a mesh.
  6. Use "Attach Skin to Skeleton" to reattach the skeleton to the mesh.
  7. Use "Transfer skinning weights" tool and choose "UV 2" in the mapping options. Select the original character and the skin weights will transfer to the new character.
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February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer
  • march 2019 fixed button highlighting

Oct 12, 2014

  • added cancel button
  • optional target item for the z axis alignment

Version 2.0: Works with joints at the end of a chain and added a third button for setting all the rotations of a skeleton to zero.

Version 2.0.1: Just added some feedback to the status line and a finished message. No functional changes

January 7, 2012 - auto installer

xxx xx, 2011
June 5, 2013