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GLTF 2.0 for trueSpace7.61 (PREVIEW)

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This is a plugin and script for importing and exporting to the GLTF file format.

persistent base install required

RsGLTFPlugin.rsx required

some version of microsoft visual c runtime XXXX is required (2020?)- try the link below if plugin does not install

requires windows 10 or 7?, not XP

Note: the gltf rsx plugin may require VC++ runtime 2013 from Microsoft. Get it if the plugin does not install or run.


  1. Reset the Default Context if any toolbars have been modified
  2. install the persistent base if not already installed
  3. install the rsx plugin if it is not already installed
  4. drag the node into the link editor and press the install button
  5. delete the node from the scene after install is complete


  1. Left click to open the import export panel.

A sample video on how to install an rsx plugin for truespace can be found here. The video is for installing the Indigo Renderer, but it uses a similar rsx plugin.

Import Options:

gltf panel

ImportAnimation - load animation trans, rot, scale

ImportMaterial - load materials

ImportMesh -

ImportMorphs -

ImportScaleFactor - scale to tS meters

ImportSkeleton - load skeleton and skin data

MaterialComplexity - 0=simple, 1=simple texture, 2=full material

NullSize - dimensions used to create null cube

ImportMaterialData - include the original material data on a node, theory: round trip materials and convert between complexity values

ImportExtensionData - add gltf extension data node to the scene

AutoAdjustTiming - gltf time in seconds, convert based on tS frame rate to get integer frame times

IncludeInterpolationNode - for non-baked animations script correction - nothing in place yet to do this

Import - start the import process

Skin Selected - after import select the actor and press to apply skinning data

AnimName - the name of the animation to transfer to the actor

Xfer Anim to Selected - transfer animation from joint nulls to the actual actor skeleton joints

Export Options:

truespace gltf panel

ExportTextures -

Export - write the scene to a gltf file



  • does not read glb files
  • rsx import skeleton and build actor, script transfer skin data and animations
  • writes file ? \\Rs Main Libraries\\Biped Limbs\\SKIN.txt, thought used a node, maybe old test or old technique not used anymore?
  • KHR_lights_punctual import/export - omni, directional and spot from \\Scripts\\preobjects
  • camera from \\Scripts\\preobjects
  • nulls as simple cube
  • gltf is quat rotations
  • only scene instanced materials import, same for export?
  • mesh import/export points, triangles, normals, uv1, uv2, vertex color
  • multi gltf primitive translates to multi-material mesh in tS
  • plugin loads morph data into a node, nothing for script yet?
  • simple material = Solid or SolidMetal material node - no textures
  • simple texture material - simplified pbr material using a Texture or TextureMetal node with fall back to simple material if no color texture
  • full material uses multiple distinct nodes to recreate the pbr material
  • animations import to named clips/tracks
  • uses the tinygltf header library v2.6.3 -
  • exports skeleton, mesh, persp and ortho camera
  • exports multi material mesh as primitives?
  • material export - only scene instanced
  • actor export - full skeleton no skinning or as simple nulls?
  • export KHR_texture_transform for uv offset and scale
  • only exports compound materials?
  • export textures - ? save alpha material as tga, others as png ? ? when off will not copy but use existing texture files ?
  • do NOT run truespace in compatibility mode
  • some imported actors need to apply a -90 deg roll to the mesh to match the skeleton before skinning
  • tS leaf bone size and skinning mystery issues
  • todo ? animation keys decimation ?
  • ? morph export needs normals info?
  • ? backport new gltf skel mesh to fbx and collada?

Import Test Results and notes

  • AntiqueCamera, Avocado, BarramundiFish - full materials, good, y-up
  • BoomBox - crash, was getting slow, maybe materials complex issue?
  • BoomBox - very small, scale 10 and full material - select it is slow
  • Corset - good, confirmed that high complexity material is slow
  • DamagedHelmet, FlightHelmet, Lantern - good, scale back to 1.0 now for latern
  • if delete model and reimport the materials are duplicated, not use existing
  • WaterBottle - good
  • all test meshes are good - next specific test cases
  • BoxVertexColors - got vertex colors, but not show in complex material
  • AnimatedCube - animation goes back and forth because of 180deg tS limit
  • 2CylinderEngine - material med complexity, big, scale 0.1
  • Buggy - material med complexity, big, scale 0.1, some colors wrong?, red that sb green
  • BoxAnimated scale 1, null make smaller 0.1, linear interpolation needed, interp data node loaded but not used
  • CesiumMilkTruck good
  • CesiumMan - load, select actor ansd skin, xfer animation, AnimClip name already good, good
  • BrainStem - crash,
  • BrainStem - obj nav widget not showing, restart tS, tS failed to load context - all messed up - default context reset needed, need to rotate actor mesh +90 deg roll
    must select light before can select anything, skin quick, xfer anim very slow or not working? 1 of 18 took a couple minutes
    note: this did not give perfect result in blender import
    abort - taking too long - retest when have more time to kill
  • Fox 0.01 scale, multiple anims(walk, run,survey), select light so can select actor, skin, Walk xfer looks good, Run good, Survey not good and don't see any other animations, so run overwrote walk, and survey just partially overwrote run
  • Sponza - material complex 1, came in quick no problems, point edit - very slow, has 103 materials

Feature Tests

  • AlphaBlendModeTest - passed all tests
  • MetalRoughSpheres - look not match - no reflection map
  • MetalRoughSpheresNoTextures - scale 100, look not match - no reflection map
  • morphs?
  • MultiUVTest - failed, but mesh has 2 uv channels, manual change constant texture to uv2 and it works
  • NormalTangentTest - seems ok, no reflection environment in material
  • OrientationTest - passed all tests
  • TextureCoordinateTest - passed
  • TextureSettingsTest - passed all except double sided, no double sided material in tS
  • VertexColorTest - fail, need vert color in material, try complex 1 - no vert color in complex 1
  • AnimatedTriangle - worked, did full 360, thought tS limited to 180
  • AnimatedMorphCube
  • InterpolationTest - have animation but interpolation not applied
  • LightsPunctualLamp - works
  • TextureTransformTest - passed except rotation, no uv rotation in tS
  • vertex colors for complex (2) material, (1) need set vertcolor strength, (0)
  • rotations and animations beyond 180 degrees?
  • fox - import multi anims but only 1 anim copied in at a time, overwrites previous, no naming of clips
  • option break object by material? sponza slow pe mode with 103 materials
  • morphs - think the cloth scripts were prep for this
  • fix multi uv materials?
  • investigate why triangle test rotates full 360 degrees
  • uv rotation ?
April 29, 2023
April 29, 2023