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Unreal Import Export for trueSpace7.61(Old Version)

Set of scripts for working with Unreal game engine file formats. Imports and Exports PSK, PSA and T3D formats.

psk psa import export panel


  • "...", Load PSK - press buttons to first choose then load a PSK file
  • "...", Load PSA - press buttons to first choose then load a PSA file
  • new skeleton - create a starting point skeleton in the scene to build new skeletal meshes
  • delete IK nodes - must remove IK handles and stops before exporting
  • Save PSK - press to export a PSK file, ignore the "..." button
  • Save PSA - press to export a PSA file, ignore the "..." button
  • reduce keys - import every other keyframe
  • Cancel PSA Import - will stop the PSA import process
  • Load PSK v2 - button not shown will import a standard skeleton from a PSK file which can be used as a basis for the fbx exporter, no PSK export, no PSA import or export of standard skeleton
t3d panel

T3D Export:

  • scale - export scale applied
  • export selection - check to export only the selected objects
  • Export T3D UE4 - press to save a UE4 compatible T3D map file
  • Export T3D UDK - press to save a UDK compatible T3D map file
  • note the time should be at frame zero or the start point for any animations may be off

T3D Import:

  • scale - import scale applied
  • "...", Import T3D - press buttons to first choose then load a T3D file
  • import lights - include lights
  • import brushes - load the csg brushes for the level
  • flatten brush booleans - import the brushes as a single mesh instead of as a series of boolean operations
  • import staticmesh - imports placeholders for static meshes and interpActors in the form of cubes
  • import skeletal mesh - imports placeholders
  • import volumes - import special volume brushes
  • import kactors - import placeholders for level kactors
  • externalstaticmeshB - does nothing
  • set source - select the new mesh in the scene and push this button
  • set destination - select one of the instances to be replaced and push this button
  • replace mesh - will search the scene for all meshes that have an internal name that matches the destination and replaces the mesh with the new source mesh.
t3d lights

T3D Lights - set the attenuation of all lights in the scene.

  • Constant -
  • Linear -
  • Quadratic -
  • Threshold -
  • Apply attenuation button -
t3d mesh tag

T3D MarkMesh - assign tags to identify static and skeletal meshes and terrains for the T3D exporter, landscapes use the terrain tag

  • Package - package name for mesh in the UDK object browser
  • Group - group name of the mesh in the UDK object browser - test shows this value doesn't seem to matter, only package name is needed for matching up assets. For UE4 do use this to use preexisting meshes. for example set group to Character on a skeletal mesh named HeroTPP to end up with a full name of "/Game/Character/HeroTPP.HeroTPP"
  • StaticMesh Name - name of the mesh inside the Unreal object browser
  • Apply Static Tag - assign the staticmesh name to the node
  • Skeletal Mesh Name - name of the mesh inside the Unreal object browser
  • Apply Skeletal Tag - assign the skeletal mesh name to the node
  • MaxComponentSize - 4 typical value
  • NumPatchesX - set equal to num segments Width from original plane
  • NumPatchesY - set equal to num segments Height from original plane
  • Apply Terrain Tag - interprete as a terrain on export
  • Particle System Name - name of the particle system inside the Unreal browser
  • Apply Particle Tag - interprete as an Unreal particle system
  • Load Default Unreal Material - loads the light and dark gray checker texture into the material editor so it can be assigned to csg geometry
unreal batch export panel

FBX Batch Export - export selects groups of items to be exported into individual files in the FBX format. This requires the FBX import/export script and rsx plugin.

  • scale - export scale
  • fbx mode - one of 5 methods for export, all visible items of that type will export
    • Static Mesh - meshes that have the Static Mesh tag name === object name
    • Skeletal Mesh - meshes that have the Skeletal Mesh tag name === object name
    • Skeletal Mesh Animation - each animation clip of each skeletal mesh
    • Static Mesh Matinee - animated static meshes exported for use in matinee
    • Skeletal Mesh Matinee - animated skeletal meshes exported as nulls for use in matinee
  • export mesh and export animation are set by the fbx mode selection, user import is ignored
  • set batch path - folder dialog for selecting the destination for the exports
  • Export FBX - starts the fbx batch process. All visible items that match the fbx mode are exported one by one. Press "Esc" to cancel the process.
unreal grid

Unreal Grid - to make trueSpace snap and look like the old style Unreal editor grid

  • Background color -
  • Anti Alias level -
  • Export scale - planned t3d export scale
  • Grid Size - total size of the grid on one side
  • Grid Spacing -
  • Major Axis color -
  • Minor Axis color -
  • Wireframe -
  • Unreal - press to give the unreal grid appearance
  • Normal - press to restore standard trueSpace grid
unreal tsx path


  • Setup TSX Path - for standalone version, tsx path is used for some temp files

A sample video on how to install an rsx plugin for truespace can be found here. The video is for installing the Indigo Renderer, but it uses the same rsx plugin.

Installs a button to open the importer/exporter in the panel view. This script comes in 2 parts. There is the script itself and a rsx plugin for reading and writing the binary PSK and PSA file formats. The script installs with the push of a button, the plugin requires manual installation.

Some old installation and usage notes can be found at this link.

you tube here
you tube here
you tube here


April 2 2015:

  • fixed static mesh scale for ue4
  • mark mesh works with multiple selections
  • add particle system placeholder export, marker also added
  • export scene check box
  • improved t3d uv (not random anymore) using solidsnake ase to t3d code -
  • fixed/finalized the skeletal mesh rotation for the t3d files
  • batch process for the fbx exporter

February 14 2015:

  • t3d ue4 export
  • landscape for ue4 / terrain for udk
  • skeleton mesh orientation in t3d corrects for fbx import orientation

December 7 2014: - t3d export reads the skeleton root instead of the actor position

April 12 2014:

  • t3d export removed extraneous "..." file button
  • t3d export point and spot lights as movable if animated
  • t3d export spotlight angle
  • set material name from the tag panel

March 23 2014:

  • do not export invisible items to t3d map file
  • import psk to standard skeleton, no export or animation import/export yet
  • support boolean subtraction for csg export to t3d format

Sept 10 2013: - option to save entire scene or selection

May 26, 2013:

  • combined T3D import and PSK/PSA import export into one UI
  • T3D imports InterpActors
  • T3D force uv set 1 for meshes - fixes bug when cubic uv projector was set to uv set 2 only
  • added T3D exporter
  • mesh tags for T3D static and skeletal mesh export
  • added Unreal Grid
  • terrain export

Jan 27, 2013:

  • fixed X-axis mirror problem
  • psk import random colors for multimaterial meshes
  • unique button guid
  • automatic script portion installer - rsx still manual install
January 04, 2010
June 5, 2013