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Vertex Color Painter for trueSpace7.61

vertex paint icon

Plugin and scripts for filling and painting vertex colors.

February 10, 2023

Materials List for trueSpace7.61

materials list icon

Plugin and scripts for working with D3D materials. Displays a list of materials with controls for naming and editing the material and selecting the objects that use the material.

December 16, 2023

Popup Toolbars for trueSpace7.61

vertex paint icon

The popup toolbars includes 2 material toolbars for dx components and shaders. These toolbars make it much easier to work with the dx shaders.

March 27, 2023

Tif image loader for trueSpace7.61

Clintons3dPluginExt is required

tiff loader node

Rsx plugin and node for loading tif format image files. Copy the rsx and the 2 dll files together and install the rsx plugin file. Drag the rsobj into the link editor to use it.

tif image sequence loader node can be used with the compositing nodes

The rsx plugin has script support for saving 32bit png files. See the techniques page for plugin details

Altered version limited to a single instance is included in the Unofficial Updates in the "Components - Compositing" library

  • Requires jpeg62.dll and libtiff3.dll placed in the same folder as the rsx file
  • Workspace does not read tif files, this plugin remedies that problem.
  • May be possible to load compressed tif files to modelspace (modelspace only loads uncompressed tif files)
  • Based on LibTIFF v3.6.1,

October 18, 2023

  • add png export that supports alpha values to the rsx plugin
April 28, 2019

Fix Orphan Materials for trueSpace7.61

If a mesh has multiple materials applied to it and the Separate Selection tool is used all the materials are copied which can result in orphan material nodes and connections. The orphans could cause a problem with some exporters. Drag this node into the link editor and run it to remove all the orphans in a scene.

Updated version (Oct 2021) included in the Unofficial Updates in the Material Editor "Convert D3D Materials"

Nov 4 2021, just discovered this tool is unreliable when used with scene instanced materials. Only use with instanced materials of "None".

August 23, 2021

  • fixed failure when first material is the orphan
  • bypass mysterious for in "indexOf" index value in sparse number array
February 10, 2015

Bitmap Data Report for trueSpace7.61

List bitmap data from the selected node.

  1. Select a node with a bitmap connector
  2. open the Output Console/Log view
  3. Run to get bitmap size, format and file name if any
October 24, 2021

Bitmap Texture Report for trueSpace7.61(OBSOLETE)

texture report

Gives a list of all textures used in a scene. Red indicates some error with the texture file or that the bitmap file doesn't exist in the file system. Drag the node into the link editor and press start to generate a report. Useful when exporting to other applications.

February 8, 2015

Bitmap Texture Report and Fix for trueSpace7.61

texture report before fix
Report before fixes - "I:\test\" does not exist
texture report after fix
Report after fixes - "C:\temp\" holds the new image files

Gives a list of all textures used in a scene. Red indicates some error with the texture file or that the bitmap file doesn't exist in the file system. Can fix purely embedded bitmaps so they reference image files on the local machine. Drag the node into the link editor and drag out of the Stack View. Useful when exporting to other applications.

Red indicates image files that don't exist on the local machine or the bitmap does no refer to any texture file

Gray indicates good bitmap image state

Create Texture Files will recreate the bitmap texture files localy and assign those files to the material bitmaps. Lines with good state will not be altered or copied.


  • Selected Only - only report on and fix the single selected item - TODO multi-selections
  • Update List - generate the report
  • folder - choose a folder for the image files
  • Replacement Extension - if None then the files will use the original extensions. If the file is not defined in the bitmap then a random named jpg file will be created.
  • Create Texture Files - create image files from the bitmaps embedded inside the objects and then reload the bitmaps from the new files


  1. run Update List to see the scope of the problem
  2. choose a folder to save the image files to
  3. choose a replacement extension if desired - use when the destination requires a specific format or destination is incompatible with the current file format
  4. run Create Texture Files
  5. the report will re-run after the fixes are complete

Use with:

fbx export

gltf export - already has some texture reference fixes but not complete

August 22, 2023

Refresh Bitmaps for trueSpace7.61

replace texture icon

Script for reloading or replacing file textures in a scene or selected node.

May 19, 2013

various workspace materials trueSpace7.61

Collection of workspace materials, shaders and nodes.

June 17, 2010

Material Converter

material converter icon

Script for converting workspace materials to different instancing types (None, Object and Scene), convert compiled to open D3D materials, convert D3D materials to Yafaray and Indigo materials.

February 20, 2013

protect workspace materials from modelside trueSpace7.61(OLD)

protect material icon

Installs a button for protecting the workspace materials.

Left click the button to backup the materials

Right click the button to restore the materials.

August 2019, replaced with the Protect Workspace script

April 10, 2010

Normal map for trueSpace7.61

normalmap icon

Normal mapping script.

November 22, 2009

Earth Day/Night Texture for trueSpace7.61


This object's material will respond to the light's position and display either a day or night side texture as you spin it around. It also uses a specular map so the ocean has a highlight and the land masses don't and it has a simulated atmosphere glow using a constant shader. It's a recreation of one of the 3DBuzz Maya Fundamentals video lessons. Use this object with the real time workspace view. It works best with only one light in the scene or all the lights at the same location.

Textures used are from ARC Science and Face of the Earth (

September 5, 2009
June 4, 2013