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Material Converter for trueSpace7.61

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Script for converting workspace materials to different instancing types (None, Object and Scene), convert compiled(base object) to open(compound object) D3D materials, convert D3D materials to Yafaray and Indigo materials.

persistent base install required

A version comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates the button can be found in the D3D material editor panel -

Clintons3dPlugin rsx v.1638404 or higher required


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. delete the node from the scene after install is complete
d3d material converter
  • Selected Only is to convert a selected objects only, otherwise all objects in the scene are converted. A selection can have multiple items. Indigo conversion only works with a single selected item.
  • Compiled -> D3D - converts materials from a closed compiled format to an open "BlankDXMaterial" style. This is useful as a first step in converting compiled or lightworks materials from modelside to Yafaray or Indigo materials. The FBX exporter also uses this style of material.
  • Instancing - Converts to the 3 styles of workspace material instancing: None, Object and Scene. This can be used to convert to scene instancing as a first step in converting to Indigo materials.
  • D3D -> Yafaray - converts a BlankDX style material to a Yafaray material. Choose the type of Yafaray material from the drop down list. "library" is the name of the folder that contains the Yafaray materials within the Main Library Place, Rs Main Libraries.
  • D3D -> Indigo - converts a BlankDX style material to a Indigo material. Choose the type of Indigo material from the drop down list. "library" is the name of the folder that contains the Indigo materials within the Main Library Place, Rs Main Libraries. Indigo materials use scene instancing and this script will not convert "object" or "none" type instanced materials.

To convert a scene instanced material to D3D, Yafaray or Indigo for a selected object(selected only):

  1. Set the material editor to edit picked materials
  2. Pick the material on the object and edit it in the link editor
  3. Select the material node
  4. Run the conversion


  • Use at your own risk. - There are several different material node connections and encapsulations. There may be some cases that have not been accounted for which could make the conversion unpredictable. Save your scene first and you will be safe.
  • Most scenes don't use instancing and most scripts are written with that in mind.
  • An object with scene instancing will lose it's materials when the object is saved by itself.
  • Lightworks materials may be lost when instancing is applied or the material type is converted.
  • Most materials in the Materials-DX9 and Materials-Textures libraries are compiled materials.
  • Most of the exporters on this website only work with BlankDX style materials.
  • BlankDX == D3D as far as this script/plugin is concerned
  • Compiled == material node that has no orange box to open and edit the internal node connections
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July 16, 2020

  • fixed bad selection bug when nothing selected and selected only option used

July 16, 2020

  • bug/oversight original scene instancing setting is preserved
  • change instancing works with muliple selection
  • compiled to D3D works with multiple selection
  • yafaray already multi select aware, indigo is not multi selection aware
  • fix for weird edge case error in compiled to d3d code

July 15, 2020

  • fixed instancing script to work with FBX materials
  • installer clears recent files list
  • smaller UI panel

October 25, 2019

  • fixed old bug that stops normal maps from converting
  • was hard coded to find the material connected to a specific connector, "Mat Item 0", fixed by general search for "Mat Item X"
  • fixed file format saving for images - was trying to use PixelFormat when should have been using FileFormat
  • renamed old material nodes as first step of compiled to D3D, "Material Chunk Manager" renamed to "Material Flavor Manager", the node created with new items

August 19, 2018

  • persistent installation style
  • updated to work with YafaRay4tS v0.9.0

June 14, 2013:

  • fixed bug - Compiled->D3D, do not change if already D3D
  • Compiled->D3D now works with nodes that have a connection named "D3DMaterial"
February 20, 2013
June 5, 2013