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Nurbs Cage for trueSpace6(modelside)

A tsx plugin for editing a NURBS patch or curve indirectly through a polyhedron mesh proxy. A poly mesh cage is created and point edit mode is activated. The cage's vertices correspond to the control points of the NURBS object and includes control points that are not accessible through normal NURBS modeling.

New nurbs patch script may be a better option than this nurbs cage script for workspace editing

Images shows a NURBS patch and curve with the corresponding mesh cages in yellow.


  1. select a plain patch or curve.
  2. push the button to activate the cage
  3. edit the cage with tools that do not add or subtract any geometry
  4. exit PE mode
  5. press the button again to deactivate the tool and remove the cage from the scene

WARNING: DO NOT CLOSE MODELSPACE with this tool still active. Hard Crash will be the result.

Workspace Usage:

  1. have both a modelspace and a workspace 3D views open
  2. right click the button and choose workspace mode if needed
  3. left click to activate the cage
  4. exit pe mode, switch to workspace and edit the cage. be careful not to edit the nurbs geometry.
  5. Press the "sync now" button of the Bridge Synchronize to update the modelspace cage/nurbs
  6. To update workspace nurbs press the Cycle bridge button of the synchronize script or choose settings > desktop > bridge off then choose bridge auto. Click the "Sync from modeler" button
  7. Exit pe mode, return to modelspace and press the nurbs cage button again to complete the process.
  8. Repeat step 6 to get the final changes of the NURBS patch into workspace
you tube video here


  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 may be required for this plugin -
  • The "workspace mode" works with the modelspace deform tools.
  • the cage can be copied for use as a basis for recreating a NURBS patch as a workspace subD object.
  • edit line segments to simulate normal NURBS editing (details needed here)
  • if you transform the cage then after the tool is done just touch the transform widget to complete the transform on the nurbs object
  • The arrow widgets can be set numerically using the cage vertices. Not possible without this cage plugin.

June 23 2012 - Modified to work together with the Bridge Synchronize script to allow updates from workspace edits.

Click here for the source code.

June 10, 2012
June 5, 2013