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NURBS Info 2015 for trueSpace6(modelside)

A tsx plugin for the display of NURBS curves and patch information. It also includes widgets for changing the direction of the NURBS. This is useful when combined with the weld curves and patches tools.

nurbs info

Click the button to activate the dialog and widgets. Click again to deactivate. The direction of the NURBS is indicated by the red, green and white widgets. White is the origin of NURBS curve/patch, red is the U direction and green indicates the V direction. The dialog shows zeros for non-NURBS objects and only the U Direction is populated for curves.

  • Red Widget - click to reverse the NURBS curve or patch in the U Direction, drag to control the size of the widgets
  • Green Widget - click to reverse the NURBS patch in the V direction, drag to control the size of the widgets
  • White Widget - click to swap the U and V directions of a patch or reverse a curve direction, drag to control the size of the widgets, right drag to control the distance in the u and v direction
  • Scale % - control the size of the widgets, values range from 10 to 500
  • Distance - how far along the curve direction to place the indicators for u and v. the origin is at 0 and the end is at 100
  • Update Hack - when checked the plugin will update the 3D view by setting the animation timeline to frame 0, the view can be updated manually by nudging the view when this is not enabled


  • If the curve or patch is deleted the widgets will remain.
  • The plugin is not compatible with curves point edit mode. It makes the handles disappear
  • Pressing ctrl to hide the selection cage can make it easier to select the nurbsinfo widgets.
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 may be required for this plugin -

June 6, 2015

  • interactive widget scale
  • control for uv distance
  • double sided widget
  • neutral color for origin widget
  • hack for 3D view interaction

July 3 2012 - fixed bug on right click dialog, buffer was too small.

July 5, 2012 - change widget appearance so overlaps can be seen, a python script for generating widget code from mesh geometry can be found on the utilities page and is included with the source code below

Click here for the source code.

June 8, 2012
June 5, 2013