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Nurbs Revolve for trueSpace6(modelside)

A tsx plugin for revolving/latheing a curve profile about an axis to create a nurbs patch The Truespace built in lathe tool converts to a polygon object. The plugin works by creating a circle and lofting the profile along the circles path. The loft tool in truespace moves the geometric center of the curve to the path, aligns it to the path and creates a lofted object with construction history. This plugin does not move the profile to the path, does not create construction history and does not eat the original profile curve in the process.

Images shows a NURBS curve and the resulting patch.

revolve nurbs
  • Axis Direction - push the X,Y or Z buttons to set the direction of the axis of the lathe. The default value is about the Z axis
  • Axis Center - location of the lathe center. The default is set for typed in User values of (0,0,0). Pivot Axis will set the axis of the curve as the center of the lathe. The Profile option does not do anything.
  • End sweep - how far the lathe will sweep(0-360 degrees). Default is 360 degrees.
  • Segments - detail level of the sweep.
  • Align profile to curve - automatically rotates the profile curve so that the normal points down the sweep path
  • Reverse Path - changes the direction of the sweep path
you tube video here


  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 may be required for this plugin -
  • Axis Center should only change in X, Y or Z at one time.
  • axis of lathe needs to be closer to the major axis than the geometry of the profile curve - preview curve wont match the resulting patch
  • X-axis is least reliable, but still works in most cases

June 13, 2015

  • interactive preview curve for the lathe
  • cancel will remove the rail curve
  • named from the profile curve

Click here for the source code.

June 10, 2012
June 5, 2013