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prerequisite_installer bare minimum Objects -

clintons3dplugin required rsx file

Optional installs

mesh originrecommend mesh origin

hierachy needed for parenting

unselectable needed for locking

All requirements and recommendations are already included in the Unofficial Updates


  1. install the persistent base if it is not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. uncheck "Test Install" and press the install button
  4. delete the node from the scene after install is complete

for temporary test install check the Test Install option

radial modeler panel radial modeler ora panel

The tool generates instances of the selected mesh object in a radial pattern. When the primary mesh is edited the instances update automatically.

TODO : a proper writeup


  1. Edit a mesh so it fits in a radial pattern
  2. Set the section angle
  3. Press Generate Instances
  4. Now when editing the mesh the radial copies update
  5. Press Prepare for Union to setup and start the boolean union tool
  6. Select the radial segments one by one to merge them into the original mesh
  7. Delete Instances to remove the empty instance container


  • X Y Z - choose the axis for the radial modeler
  • Parent - parent the segments so they will move with the base mesh
  • Lock - radial segments cannot select in the 3D viewport
  • Measure Angle - select 2 points to measure the radial section angle. The middle of the angle is the geometry origin.
  • Section Angle - size of the section to be copied into the full 360 degree circle
  • Section Count - set the number of sections including the original source mesh, -1 is automatic default value
  • Status Display
    • Section Count - number of sections, green will generate all possible sections, dark green less than all sections will generate, red invalid value
    • Max Count - maximum number of sections that will fit within the 360 degrees limit
    • Total Angle - extents of the radial sweep, green full 360 degrees will be used, dark green 360 is possible but setup for less, yellow less than 360 degrees is possible using the current section angle value
    • Red in any field indicates an invalid parameter
  • Generate Instances - create the mesh instances
  • Prepare for Union - will setup the radial segments to join with the base mesh and start the boolean union tool.
  • Delete Instances - delete the empty instance after boolean is complete or delete to abort the radial modeler.
  • Radial Object Display - show the render options for the instances object in the stack view.
  • Reconnect Base - use to repair radial modeler relationship after SDS has been added to the base mesh.


  • if the section angle does not fit neatly into 360 degrees the result will be less than 360 degrees
  • see mesh center using mesh origin widget
  • Alt+LClick to select locked item
  • After boolean union do Heal in case there are floating points
  • Faces on the borders between sections, the internal faces, of radial segments will be removed by the boolean union
  • Can be combined with the Mirror Modeler - final result is flattened and will need to refresh the SDS
  • Can be combined with SDS
  • If SDS added after radial modeler applied press the Reconnect Base button
  • Not compatible with vertex color and other untested tools
  • If Mirror Modeler is applied it's only possible to measure half the angle
  • Reapply SDS after boolean union may require Reset SDS and apply again
  • Minimum number of sections is 3, 2 would be better to use the mirror modeler
  • Maximum angle is 120 degrees which corresponds to 3 sections
  • Angle must be greater than 2 degrees
  • Negative angles can be used. Only useful if generating less than the full 360 degree model.

Oct 2023 - just fixed floating point error during measurement in uu version

July 12, 2023

  • finally found the delete then selection goes bonkers solution - util.Delete plugin command is reason, fix use Node.Delete instead
  • can now delete non-empty free instance objects
  • new option to set the number of sections with automatic setting (-1)
  • change Radial Object Select to just open the panel instead
  • new color coded state indicators
  • proper support for negative angle values

July 11, 2023

  • bug fix: error caused by incomplete July 9 node restructure - create multiple Radial Objects on the same object
  • safety check: dont run delete instances directly on the instances
  • remove intermediate from instance copies - not masquerade as source object
  • check instance not connected to intermediate for generate instance - no instances on instances
  • delete instances - rewritten to avoid corruption, can no longer delete zhombie instances
  • installer test option for faster more reliable test cycles
  • delete change question if source not connected to anything - assume after union
  • bug fix: dont add ora if one already exists
  • serious bug fix: something in delete instances corrupting tS
  • renamed Reconnect button

July 10, 2023

  • fixed typo
  • improved delete instances, no questions

July 10, 2023

  • fix bug where Reconnect Instance was not working if add sds to mirror modeler after radial modeler

July 9, 2023

  • second preview release
  • new button to delete the instance objects
  • new button to reconnect instances when SDS is added to the base mesh
  • new node structure to make SDS and mirror modeler work better with this tool
  • some safety checks and set panel owner from trueBlue
  • prep for union - set drill and quads to false, for SDS set mode to Control mesh
  • SDS and Mirror Modeler together reset the SDS for the union
July 8, 2023
July 8, 2023