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Soft Selection Profiles for trueSpace7.61

A collection of 5 linear gradients for use with the soft selection profiles in truespace.

Comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates in the "Bitmaps - Base" folder -

linear gradients

To make the images I started in photoshop with a transparent image. Then used the gradient tool with the transparent values matching the gray color values and smoothing set to zero to keep the change linear. Next I used the Select-Load Selection-from transparency inverted and saved the selection as a channel. Finally, save as a 32bit bmp file. The same result in paint shop pro(PSP) via paint bucket using a gradient, layer mask from image-source luminance, save mask to alpha channel and turn off the mask layer for a better preview. PSP can't save 32bit bmp so save as png or tga.

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  • Don't use object space since it makes it difficult to line up the selection.
  • Several widget outlines makes it easier to see where the selection will occur.
  • Smoothness should be set to a very low value or zero if the profile already matches the orientation of the desired selection.
  • Magnitude should be set to 1.0 or less otherwise the low and high ends of the selection will flatten out. 1.0 is the ideal value but close is usually good enough.
  • Sharpness has no effect on custom profiles.
  • truespace Bug. The custom profile only reads the alpha of an image not the color values.
December 28, 2010
June 5, 2013