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Target Weld for trueSpace761

Weld one vertex to a second vertex by simply clicking on them one by one.

Updated version of this script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -

    This version differs from the Unofficial Update version:
  • UU will not run if more than 1 mesh is selected. Tool will work improperly if more than 1 mesh.

persistent base install required


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. delete the node from the scene after install is complete


  1. enter point edit mode
  2. click the button to enter target weld mode
  3. select a vertex to weld and then select a target vertex. Repeat for all desired welds.
  4. Right click to exit target weld mode.


  • The vertices must be selected one at a time.
  • Multiple selections will be ignored.
  • The UU version was updated to use function sets, maybe new method uses up fewer undos

September 21, 2020

  • updated the installer to check for open toolbar and clear recent files list

October 8, 2019

  • "custom" cursor copied from attach objects to bone tool

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 14, 2018: widget install fix

January 7, 2018: - persistent install

September 12, 2013:

  • auto switch to point selection mode


  • unique button id
  • autoload installer

Version 2

  • button highlighting thanks to stan
  • new target weld mode
  • Fixed to work with SDS meshes and model line feedback.
January 3, 2010
June 5, 2013