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UV Unwrap for trueSpace7.61

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A very basic experimental UV unwrap tool for very basic geometry based on the OpenNL library. Not very useful or recommended in it's current state.

Drag into LE to install.


  1. Select faces
  2. set options
  3. press the unwrap button
  4. if result is bad check flipFaces and try again
uv unwrap


  • Max Iterations - limit the number of iterations to this value times the number of vertices
  • Threshold - converted to 1e-value, so larger value is a smaller threshold
  • Solver - one of GMRES, CG or BICGSTAB
  • Unwrap - perform an unwrap on the selection
  • flipFaces - internally flip the faces before solving
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  • requires rsx plugin version 1638405 - ../../downloads/Clintons3dPlugin.rsx
  • This tool is only good for extremely simple unwrapping on very simple geometry.
  • dont even think about unwrapping something as complex as a hand.
  • Based on code from the OpenNL library.
  • Ctrl drag the view out of the panel for convenience.
  • A good standalone unwrapper, RoadKill UV Tool, can be found here: It can be used with the fbx(obj) exporter from the import/export page. Bender is also a good choice for unwrapping.
  • To unwrap something like a cyllinder the geometry needs to be altered since there is no edge seam marking.
    1. create a morph
    2. use the cut selected edges tool to slice up the model
    3. move right after slicing to be sure the cut is good
    4. exit pe mode to save the morph, reenter pe mode
    5. select and unwrap the sections one at a time
    6. switch to default morph
    7. slide the morph back zero
    8. heal the vertices to close the seams created by the cut edges tool

Basic UV Notes for trueSpace:

  • flatten selected uv will crash tS if less than 4 faces
  • if the uv view is open then the info panel will be in uv mode
  • scaling uv will scale past zero to negative scale values
  • uv selection note available to script
  • the info panel can stick when in pe mode, move and undo to get good values
  • UV patch select interferes with pe selection, prevents deselect when using the shift key
July 11, 2012
June 5, 2013