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Weld Curve for trueSpace6(modelside)

A tsx plugin for joining 2 curves together as one. Options for automatically flipping the directions of the curves and for deleting the original curves.

weld curve step 1 weld curve step 2

Images show before and after welding two curves together


  1. select a curve who's head will move to the tail(origin) of the second curve.
  2. push the button
  3. dialog defaults to automatically flipping the curves
  4. select the second curve
  5. second dialog defaults to removing the original curves
you tube video here


June 7, 2015

  • name final welded curve
  • automatic curve flipping option

June 20, 2012 - bug fix: plugin crashes in tS7.61 when deleting the original curves.

Click here for the source code.

June 10, 2012
June 5, 2013