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Old or Included in the patch

Collection of old and obsolete scripts and scripts that have been incorporated into the UnOfficial Truespace patch or functionality that was replaced by new capabilities provided by the patch.

The UnOfficial patch can be found here: Unofficial Update 4

UnlookAt Fix

Fix for the unlook at script that is included in the unofficial updates, Unofficial Update 3 . It fixes the unlook at behavior for lights.  For tS7.6 and tS7.61 and tS7.61Std

Unzip and load the script from the file menu and run it from the link editor.  If the script is not loaded from the file menu then the change will be lost on the next reset to the default context.

March 8, 2014

Update 4 Unencapsulate Fix

Reverts the Unofficial Update 4 Unencapsulate to previous standard behavior which operates without deleting nodes.

October 15, 2018

bake keyframes for trueSpace7.61

Installs a button for baking keyframes. Is useful for converting animations controlled by command scripts to keyframes. Command script controlled animations don't render and this fixes the problem.


  • set the animation play range to determine what keys get baked
  • select the item to bake and push the button
  • a keyframe will be created at every frame for the object
  • remove the command script controlling the object

Right click the button to open the panel where the delay value can be set. Set it large enough so that any scripts have time to run before a key is set.

The main reason this script was created was because the constraint scripts give errors when you try to render the d3d view to a sequence while they are active.

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

April 6, 2010

(Old)Chamfer Fillet Tool for trueSpace7.61

Bevel command set with values for 45 degree application. Designed to be used on edge selections but works with vertex and face selections. More info coming soon.

September 6, 2009

Create Camera from Perspective View

Will create a camera based on the current 3D view.

It's based on the Eye2Cam script and is not dependent on the layout chosen.

Load into 3d view or link editor to auto install a button.

January 14, 2012: slight improvement in view selection

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 in the form of the Cube View widget button, "C".

January 02, 2012

Cube View Widget

cube view widget

Load this script and it will automatically add a cube shaped view widget. This widget follows color coding convention with (x,y,z) corresponding to (r,g,b) colors. Left click the button to toggle the widget on and off and right click to open the options panel. The original cube widget this is based on was created by Augusto Michelis.

The color gradients show the directions perpendicular to the face. Front is green indicating a positive Y direction. The red gradient points to the positive X direction and the blue gradient points to the positive Z direction. Back, Left and Bottom have de-saturated colors to indicate the negative directions on these axes.

Truespace navigation widgets flip directions depending on the viewing angle making it difficult to tell the positive from the negative directions. This add on solves that problem.

October 14, 2012:

  • click on cube faces to switch views and 3 new widget surfaces
  • Camera - left click current camera view or last camera added to the scene if a camera is not the current selection
  • Camera - right click to create a new camera from the current view
  • Reset - reset the view
  • Perspective - for switching from the camera to the perspective view
  • unique guid for button

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

May 22 2011

Face to Face Snapping for trueSpace7.61

face snap icon

Snaps and rotates one object to another based on triangle face selections.

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin v.1638422 required


RMB to open the option panel to set the Copy Source if desired.

  1. start the tool
  2. select face triangle(s) on the source object - use Ctrl + LMB drag
  3. RMB to commit the selection
  4. select face triangle(s) on the target object - use Ctrl + LMB drag
  5. RMB to commit the selection
  6. if Copy Source is active select face triangle(s) on the new target or RMB to end the tool

Widget Interactions:

LMB will select 1 triangle/vertex

Ctrl + LMB will add to the selection

Shift + LMB will remove from the selection

Ctrl + Shift + LMB will toggle the selection

RMB to end the tool or commit to the current triangle face selection

To cancel deselect all and RMB

Widget uses triangle selections because they are readily available. Actual face selections would have to be caclulated manually using the edge visibility flags of the triangles.

BUGS: if select then return no selection will error, will run with no 3dview open

October 13, 2020

  • rewritten to use plugin face picking widget
  • no longer uses point edit mode
  • works with lights and cameras
  • the copied object is snapped instead of the original object
  • requires Clintons3dPlugin v.1638422
  • old version here

September 29, 2020

  • resurrected from old version found here.
  • updated with Unofficial Update version code
  • updated installer
January 16, 2010

Face to Face Snapping for trueSpace7.61

Snaps and rotates one object to another based on face selections.

face to face

October 17, 2012:

  • enforces face order selection
  • if 2 faces selected before the tool is run then they are both deselected
  • if 1 face is selected before the tool is run then it will be used for the source
  • no longer compatible with alternate workflow described below

October 15, 2012:

  • reset/restore the pivot for the source object

October 1, 2012:

  • Fixed crash when exit PE mode before tool is complete
  • restores previous PE selection mode
  • if start in PE mode stays in PE mode
  • automatic installer
  • improved button highlighting and gui id

Update(v1.5): Right click to copy and move the source object. The copy will maintain the apparent selection so it is easier to copy several times without the need to reselect for every copy. The copy function was contributed by trueBlue. Old version can be downloaded here .

  1. select 2 objects and run the tool
  2. truespace will enter point edit mode with face selection active
  3. select a face on the source object
  4. wait - there may be a delay after the selection
  5. select a face on the target object
  6. truespace will exit PE mode and move and rotate the source to the destination based on the faces selected .

Alternate workflow:

  1. select 2 objects and enter point edit mode
  2. select a face on the source object
  3. ctrl-click to add a face from the target to the selection
  4. run the tool

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

January 16, 2010

Fix Bad Geometry

Scripts to help fix bad geometry. Creates a selection based on mesh characteristics such as side count and planarity. These scripts were inspired by the Cleaning tools in Maya and the SDS corruption that can occur inside trueSpace.

  • Select Triangles - select 3 sided polygons
  • Select 4 sided polygons
  • Select Ngons - select polygons with more than 4 sides
  • Non-Manifold Edges - select edges that joins more than 2 polygons
  • Lamina Polygons - select polygons that share all the same vertices
  • Concave - select concave polygons
  • Floating Points - delete points that have no edge connections
  • Non-Planar - select polygons that are not flat
  • Zero Length Edges - select triangles that have a zero length side
  • Zero Area Triangles - select triangles that are very small
  • Fix Corrupt SDS - removes a bad SDS from a mesh so it can be reapplied


Ctrl-Drag out of the panel tab for convenience.

Non-Manifold is good for finding polygons that come together in a T configuration and for finding internal faces. For internal faces convert the selection of edges to faces.

Lamina will find identical faces sharing the same vertices. Lamina uses a mesh stream called face edges. Face edges assumes that a edge is connected to only 2 polygons so Nonmanifold geometry must be removed before this will work.

Floating points will cause the FBX exporter to crash.

Concave will also select nonplanar geometry and faces next to nonmanifold geometry.

Zero length edges and zero area triangles selects the underlying triangulated mesh geometry but will appear as edges or a vertex.

The tolerance parameters are for controlling the sensitivity of the Non-Planar and Zero Length/Area selection buttons.

Fix Corrupt SDS strips out all extra mesh information and replaces the mesh with the stripped down version then it takes SDS down 10 levels and resets SDS.

Update August 2012:

  • Floating points deletion

Update, May 29 2012:

  • Random point and random face selection with threshold
  • Threshold = 1 selects all
  • Random Point Weight - gives randomly selected points a random selection weight value
  • May 30 deselect before select on triangles, quadrangles and Ngons buttons

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

May 20, 2012

OLD lathe tool trueSpace7.61(only for reference)

Deprecated: use Static Sweep Plus instead

Double Deprecated: use the new array based lathe tool below

Lathe tool for workspace. Recommend installation of the enhanced PE widgets .

  1. First move the pivot to the center of the desired lathe
  2. Set the total sweep angle and number of segments
  3. Set the offset if sweeping beyond 360 degrees, this value can be left at zero
  4. Turn on grid snapping
  5. Select the faces or edges to be lathed
  6. Push the Start button and use right click to rotate about the pivot(enhanced widgets only). Translate to set the offset if desired.
  7. Push the done with rotate translate button - if things didn't go well you can undo from this point.
  8. Push the play with repeat button to perform the lathe.

The "start" button saves the current grid snap values and sets them to values based on the offset, number of segments and total angle. It next does a normal sweep on the selection with close to zero offset. Finally it starts the jscript recorder to save the rotation and translation applied to the selection by the user. The "done with rotate translate" button stops the recorder and restores the grid snap values. The "play with repeat" button does the rest of the lathe operation by normal sweep and repeating what was done by the user.

September 6, 2009

layers for trueSpace7.61

The zipped archive contains a tsx plugin for modelside and an install script for the workspace. Install both to use the layers panel.ed on face selections.

ws layers

The installer makes a button that displays the control panel. Push the update button to populate the panel. It's best to create all the needed layers in modelside before using the layer panel.

The 3 dots shows the layer status - visible, locked and hidden. The button next to the dots switches between hidden and visible. The middle dot is just for show since workspace can't lock items. Next is the color swatch of the layer. It's also just for show since workspace doesn't seem to get wireframe color updates from modelside. The "r" button changes the object render attributes for all objects in the layer. It cycles from object mode off, solid wire, transparent, transparent wireframe, wireframe and finally back to object mode off.
The "sel" button selects all objects in the layer, "add" adds the selected items to the layer and "x" clears the layer by moving all the objects in the layer to layer 0.
The name field is to the right of the layer id. The layers can be renamed by typing in the field and pushing the button to the right of the name. The number to the right of the name is the number of objects in the layer.
The slider determines the first layer that will show in the panel. Eight layers are shown at one time.

If you have the protect materials script installed this script will use it. If they are not installed you may want to put lightworks materials on everything, otherwise they will turn black.

That's the good stuff. Now for the bad and buggy part.

It runs a little slow because it switches the main window to modelspace when it runs the modelspace plugin then switches back to workspace.
Wireframe colors don't communicate through the bridge well. If you change the color of a layer in modelspace, workspace won't update.
The lights and camera's layer index doesn't update properly through the bridge. They only appear as layer 1 even if changed in the modelside. They also tend to jump around to different layers for no reason. This makes layer object counts inaccurate. I throw all the cameras and lights into layer 1, move objects around in the other layers and if the counts go off I put the cameras and lights back into layer 1. Once everything stabilizes I leave that layer alone and everything seems to work ok.

It generally works better with the bridge set to full on. Full on bridge also seems to solve the layers panel update when used with pre-existing scenes.

April 10, 2010

layers(OLD VERSION) for trueSpace7.61

Load the file in to truespace to automatically install the scripts and button.

This version does not connect to modelside and is limited to 8 layers total, but is more stable than the previous version. Plans for the future are to have more layers and to have the option of transferring layer information to and from modelside.

ws layers
  • The 3 radio buttons show the layer status - visible, locked and hidden. The middle dot will work with the unselectable script to lock items. Note that the unselectable script can interfere with other selection based scripts and should be deactivated when not being used.

  • Next is the color swatch of the layer for controlling the wireframe color.

  • The "r" button changes the object render attributes for all objects in the layer. It cycles from object mode off, solid wire, transparent, transparent wireframe, wireframe and finally back to object mode off.

  • The "sel" button selects all objects in the layer

  • The "add" button adds selected items to the layer

  • The "x" button clears the layer by moving all the objects in the layer to layer 0.

  • The second line has the layer id, name and number of items in the layer.

  • The enableLocking checkbox is used to turn the unselectable script on and off. Do not leave it on when not in use, because the script can interfere with other scripts that depend on selection control.

  • Use the refresh button after loading a scene that contains this layer panel. This gets the necessary data set up for the layers system.

May 29, 2011

missing manual chapters and index

Manual chapters for missing topics

  • Model side physics
  • Model side animation
  • Normal maps
  • Geometry paint
  • Dev guide widgets chapters

Index to search all the files

index usage:

  1. Open one of the pdf files
  2. Edit - Advanced Search
  3. Show More Options
  4. Look In:, and select the index file "tsManIndex.pdx"


Copy the pdf files, the pdx file and the tsManIndex folder to the same location as the pdf manual.

Note: The missing chapters are included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

October 11 2012

Object/Vertex Snapping for trueSpace7.61

Installs a button for snapping the position of an object or vertex selection to another object or vertex selection. Pushing the button opens the panel. Ctrl drag the panel out of the panel view so it doesn't disappear when entering point edit(PE) mode.

object vertex snap

Sep 30, 2012: Works when 2 items in PE mode

Jan 8, 2012: Automatic installer and respect axis locking option

Sep 5, 2011: Added 2 checkboxes for better workflow and for the ability to snap an object's pivot instead of the mesh. Fixed button highlighting.

  • use selected as start - when you push the "snap it" button the "select start object" button will be pressed automatically before running it. This option is not for use with joint snapping.
  • affect pivot only - the pivot will move instead of the mesh

Nov 11, 2010: version 3.1 automatically converts PE selections to vertices and back, cleaner trace, status line message. Version 3.0 did not read pivot meshe components properly. This new version automatically runs the flatten axes tool to transfer the pivot into the mesh.

Push the button to open the panel.
Ctrl-drag out of the panel view, so snapping panel remains active in PE mode.
Select the destination location by selecting an object or vertices and click the first button.
Select the start location by selecting another object or vertex selection.
Exit PE mode to move the object or stay in PE move to move a vertex selection and push the snap it button. The selection will move from the start to the destination locations.

The average position of a vertex selection will be used when selecting more than one vertex.

When selecting an object the world matrix will be used as the location, unless the object has a pivot in which case the pivot location will be used.

Use the shape skeleton tool to select joints and to snap their locations.

Note: A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

November 11, 2010

Open a Frame in the LE

Command node used to display a toolbar or windows contents in the link editor. Good for loading in new buttons. Push the Start Button and then change the aspect of a window or toolbar back and forth between 2D and 3D aspects. A link editor window will open to the frame containing the window/toolbar. This script reads the Rosetta.log file to detect the change in aspect.

Same function can be found in the Toolbar Manager script.

open frame in le

(OLD)PE Pivot Snap for trueSpace7.61

Will snap the position of the mesh's pivot to the center of the point edit selection.

Use with the updated PE widgets that have rotation about the pivot capabilities.

Note: A version of this script is included in the unofficial truespace patch : trueSpace Beta 7.61 Unofficial Update 2212010 21-Feb-2010 - Use "p" and click on the widget to set the pivot to the selection location.

This script is not needed if you have the Unofficial Patch 2212010 installed.

September 5, 2009

(OLD)PE Widget Update for trueSpace7.61(patch 762009)

Installs replacements for the PE widgets in the Unofficial 7.61 patch 762009. They make it possible to do point edit rotations around the pivot of the object. Use left mouse to rotate normally and use right mouse to rotate about the pivot.

Do not use this with the latest unofficial patch update dated Feb-2010

Use with the PE Pivot Snap

Note: A version of this widget + PE Pivot Snap is included in the unofficial truespace patch : trueSpace Beta 7.61 Unofficial Update 2212010 21-Feb-2010.

This script is not needed if you have the Unofficial Patch 2212010 installed. This is for the older 762009 version of the patch and not for the 2212010 patch version or unpatched tS7.61

September 5, 2009

Pivot to vertex selection script

Button installer for a panel used to move the pivot of an object to the center of a point edit selection. Use the script to save a PE selection and then move the pivot to the same location as the previous selection.

pivot vertex

Note: The Vertex Snap tool in the Unofficial Update 3 will perform this action.

June 20, 2010

install snapping update trueSpace7.61

Installs a replacement for the grid snapping panel. Only the point edit snapping radius was exported. This adds the default navigation snap radius for control over the amount of slipping between grid snap points while in object mode.

Note:Included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

June 20, 2010

(Old)Static Sweep Command for trueSpace7.61

Deprecated: use Static Sweep Plus instead

Static sweep is based on the Dynamic sweep tool except that it is not interactive. You select the faces or edges, push the button and they are swept by a tiny amount, too small to be seen. You then use the point edit widget to move the new swept geometry. It's good for edge selections that sweep in unpredictable ways or even cause truespace to crash.

September 19, 2009

Toggle object visibility for trueSpace7.61

Installs a button for toggling the visibility of objects in the scene.

Update: Version 1.5
works with multiple selections
limited support for encapsulated items
supports a custom Object Render Attr node with owner name displayed
does not toggle spotlights, cameras and projectors visibility - it makes them invisible, to make them visible select them one by one in the link editor or scene view

Update: fixed bug object render properties does not match the enable object properties node

Update: Version 1.2
uses the version of Object Render Attributes node with all standard view aspects
checks for uninitialized visibility attribute - was cause script to crash
new function - right-click opens/creates an Object Render Attribute node and opens it in the Panel tab instead of the Settings tab. This gives 2 advantages. Only one render attribute node is open at one time and a 3d view doesn't have to be the active window to see it.

Note: The same functionality of this script is included in the Unofficial Update 3 .

January 16, 2010

Un-Look At button for trueSpace7.61

Installs a button for removing the Look At behaviour for an object.

Note: This functionality is included in the unofficial truespace patch : trueSpace Beta 7.61 Unofficial Update 2212010 21-Feb-2010

December 16, 2009

(Old)Unreal T3D Map Import for trueSpace7.61

Installs a button to open the importer in the panel view. Truespace7.61 script for importing Unreal t3d map and brush files. Should be compatible with t3d files from ut2k3 and up to the latest UDK at this time. It imports lights, brushes, volumes and placeholders for kactors, static and skeletal meshes. It has a lights aspect panel for adjusting the attenuation values for all the lights in the scene.

  • import scale - used to resize the scene to fit inside the truespace 3D work area
  • import lights - include lights
  • import brushes - load the csg brushes for the level
  • flatten brush booleans - import the brushes as a single mesh instead of as a series of boolean operations
  • import staticmesh - imports placeholders for static meshes in the form of cubes
  • import skeletal mesh - imports placeholders
  • import volumes - import special volume brushes
  • import kactors - import placeholders for level kactors
  • externalstaticmeshB - does nothing

Mesh Replacement controls are used to replace the imported placeholders with another mesh. Static meshes can be exported from the UDK in the FBX format. So you can take one of the static meshes in a level, zero out it's rotation and location values, set scale to 1 and export an fbx file. Load this into truespace using the FBX importer found on this page, add a pivot, normalize the pivot's location and then replace all placeholder instances with this mesh.

  • set source - select the new mesh in the scene and push this button
  • set destination - select one of the instances to be replaced and push this button
  • replace mesh - will search the scene for all meshes that have an internal name that matches the destination and replaces the mesh with the new source mesh.

T3D maps have a lot of lights in them. The Lights aspect of the panel can be used to decrease the brightness of the lights to a reasonable value.

September 05, 2011

spotlight cone generator trueSpace7.61

This script will alter the spot and projector lights in workspace to give the appearance of a hotspot.

hot spot
  1. set angle for the light
  2. set hotspot angle - if hotspot is greater than the angle then you get a hard spotlight
  3. be sure light is selected and run the script

Picture shows the default spot light in the upper left. All lights have the same angle with different hotspot settings.

November 22, 2009

D3D Editor Enhanced for trueSpace7.61

Replaces the D3D Material Editor with one that includes buttons to open various material related libraries in floating windows. In most cases it's best to change the aspect of the libraries to 1D or 1+2D.

d3d editor

One way to build custom materials is to open the DX9 library and load the BlankDXMaterial, then use the one or more of the Shaders to replace the basic shaders of the BlankDXmaterial. For example replace the SolidColorShader with a TextureShader from the Color Shaders library. Advanced users could then use the default library buttons to access lower level material nodes.

January 8, 2012:

  • automatic install
  • replaces the D3D Editor instead of adding a second one

D3D Editor B older version - adds a second editor instead of replacing the original

June 20, 2010

Near Clipping Plane Control for trueSpace7.61

Fixes problems with wireframe visibility in the perspective view. Installer creates a button in the toolbar that increase the near clipping plane value. The control value ranges from 1 to 10 and is indicated in the status line. If you use the Maya style navigation the speed changes with the near clipping plane distance. Small values make it slower and larger values make it faster.

truespace761std does not have a status line so open the Output Console to see the value set by this script.

February 2015 - Deprecated - use the View Control Scripts instead

November 30, 2012: automatic loader, unique button id, button index -1

Dec 6 2010, Version 1.5: Fixed to work with multiple 3D views and scene cameras.

December 6, 2009

windows 7 LE refresher trueSpace7.61

Alternate link click this line

December 22, 2009: True fix available for windows 7. The link above goes to the instruction page on David Dolmans website. The plugin is available in the Downloads section of his site. At this time he is up to version 1.3 of his plugin. The old, out of date, not working nearly as well as David's plugin, script can still be downloaded here .

Installs a button for refreshing all floating link editor views.

The LE view is broken in windows 7. This script refreshes the view by shrinking down the size of the window then restoring it at regular intervals. This script only works with floating link editor windows.

Note: A Windows update has fixed the link editor display problem. No plugins or scripts are required.

November 22, 2009

Mass Installer/Reinstaller

A system for installing and reinstalling several scripts(not plugins) at one time.

January 8 2012

Quad Toolbar for trueSpace7.61

quad toolbar icon quad toolbar uu icon

Opens a 4 quadrant modeling toolbar at the mouse pointer location.

March 19, 2020

Zoom to Selection(Improved)

An improved version of the original zoom to selection widget.

This version will zoom to a single edge selection and to encapsulated(grouped) objects.

It has the same limitation as the original in that it does not work with multi object and encapsulated object point edit selections.

persistent base install required

This script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -


  1. check that the persistent script is installed
  2. drag node into the link editor
  3. delete the node when installation is complete


  • middle double click - zoom to the selection
  • ctrl+shift+middle double click - zoom to all scene objects, at least one object must be selected

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 14, 2018: widget install fix

December 28, 2017 - persistent install

February 13 2015: only zooms the active 3D window

November 30, 2012: automatic loader

January 2, 2012: Improved edge zooming

November 25 2010

Enhanced cage widget for trueSpace7.61(patched)(OLD)

Adds 3 new object navigation widgets that include the cage widget. Drag into a 3d view or the link editor to automatically install it.

This script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -

Restart truespace after the installation.

Requires: unofficial trueSpace 7.61 patch

included in the navigation and point edit widget updater dated September 2017

Jan 10, 2014 - compatible with auto-reinstaller script

January 02, 2012

Centered Object Navigation widgets trueSpace 7.61

Object navigation widget centered on the pivot.

March 16, 2020

Parenting/Unparenting script(OLD - see Hierarchy Tools)

parenting icon

Parenting and Unparenting button installer. Script adjusts the child object's matrix to maintain relative position and then connects the world matrix of the parent to the owner matrix of the child object.

persistent base install required

This script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates LE toolbar -


  • To parent select the children and then the parent in the 3D view and use the left mouse button to push the button.
  • To unparent choose the children and push the button with the right mouse button.

January 7, 2021

  • update to work with nurbs
  • Stops double parenting
  • Stops circular parenting
  • Add Unofficial Update status messages
  • updated installer

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 13, 2018 persistent install, more input checks

December 16 2012: unique button id, automatic installer
November 6, 2009

Glue as Child / Unglue

glue icon unglue icon

Move a child object into a group and move child from group to the scene

snapping tools and it's dependencies are required

Obsolete, replaced by hierarchy tools

glue panel


  1. select the child object
  2. press the button
  3. select the group then RClick to end the tool and glue the child

RClick to cancel before making a selection.
RClick on the center of the widget after selecting the group to cancel.


  1. select the object to remove from the group
  2. press the button and the object will be moved out of the group and into the scene

Glue panel

  1. Right mouse click on the Glue button to open the panel
  2. select the child and press the Set Child button
  3. select the group and press the Set Group button
  4. press Glue

The glue panel is useful for objects that do not appear in the 3D view or for adding a child element deep inside a hierarchy.

October 11, 2021

Toolbar Manager(OBSOLETE)

toolbar icon

Use to select toolbar nodes, save them to an internal store or a file library. Load from the store or library. Temporarily hide the toolbars to get them out of the way when switching to modelside. Easily save toolbars and transfer them to another layout.

May 22 2011

Mass Export scripts OLD VERSION

Export all scripts under the selection to xml files. This is useful for searching all scripts. Visual Studio Code "find in files" works well to see and search all the scripts in one easy location.


  1. load the script and ctrl-drag it out of the panel
  2. close all open link editor windows
  3. choose an object - say "Scripts/Commands"
  4. (optional) open an output console for feedback
  5. press run
  6. wait for it to finish without touching the computer
  7. check Export Only Simple to export scripts from simple script command nodes

All the scripts inside the selected node will export as xml files to an ExportedScripts folder in the tS directory. The simple scripts will export to a text file with a "SimpleCommands_" prefix.
The folder structure will reflect the tS hierarchy.
Repeat names will be given a random postfix to differentiate the scripts.

ExportedScripts - export of all scripts found in the Unofficial Updates released on Dec 28 2021

March 30, 2023

  • fix mystery sendkeys bug when running on full tS uu9 scripts

October 28, 2022

  • recreate tS folder structure instead of creating a key file
  • new folder structure allows multiple runs without restarting to organize the files

June 10, 2022

  • add option to export the simple scripts used inside widgets
November 16, 2021