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Dribble for 3Delight renderer

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Coolpowers Dribble is the trueSpace tsx plugin for 3Delight, a "high quality, high performance rendering software and tools based on the industry proven RenderMan® standard and practices." Simon Windmill is the original author of the Dribble software.

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  1. setup 3Delight 11.x
  2. unrar the dribble_source_092509.7z file
  3. inside find a zip archive – .\dribble_source_092509\dribble\install\
  4. unzip from the install folder then run dribble1.04wip080808_setup.exe
  5. a new dribble folder inside the tsx folder will be created with the original coolpowers dribble plugin
  6. copy dribble1.05wip101813_ts6or7.tsx into the dribble folder
  7. unzip
  8. copy the sdl files to the 3Delight shaders (C:\Program Files\3Delight\shaders\)
  9. fix for 64bit windows installation
    1. clear the scene
    2. preferences set renderer engine to Lightworks.tsr
    3. display options
      • Txt res to 1024x1024
      • LW 1024x1024
      • Txt res for Workspace 1024x1024
    4. install the plugin and immedietly exit trueSpace

Changes from the original Dribble:

  • fix displacements when using normal and bump maps
  • compiled shaders for 3Delight v11
  • tS7.61 crashing on win7 64bit machine - renderdl option can be used as a workaround for single image render
  • added shadowmap scale for ortho projections(infinite lights)
  • increased irradiance intensity max from 10 to 100
  • temporary texture tdl files are stored in the dribble working folder instead of in the texture folder
  • caustics working
  • normal/bump maps working with proper scaling and match Lightworks renders
  • increase caustic defaults: samples=1000, amount=100, intensity=10
  • option to use 3Delights i-display
dribble output dribble lights

New Options

  • motion blur - enables motion blur for single images, the file dialog blur option handles image sequences/avi
  • bake textures - experimental option that bakes the final color of selected uv mapped objects to a file
  • bake occlusion - experimental option that bakes the occlusion function of selected uv mapped objects to a file
  • use renderdl - uses the i-display driver instead of rendering to the trueSpace viewport
  • shadowmap scale - for infinite lights with shadowmaps
  • Render Passes:
    • jpg - output as 8 bit jpeg files
    • 8 bit - output tif as 8 bit files, otherwise output tif as floating point files
    • exr - output OpenEXR format floating point files - if 8bit option then will ouput jpg files
    • depth - floating point tif file representing depth, not compatible with jpg option
    • diff - sames as psd diffuse
    • spec - same as psd specular
    • amb - same as psd ambient
    • reflect - same as psd reflection
    • refract - same as psd refraction
    • diffc - diffuse color, no light interaction
    • diffv - diffuse value
    • alpha - alpha channel
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  • the dribble1.05wip101813_ts6or7.tsx file is misnamed. It is really version 1.05wip110713
  • for some notes on compiling the shaders for specific versions of 3Delight
  • local light point the plug end toward the scene when using shadowmaps it uses an invisible cone like a spotlight
  • tdlmake to manually convert the baked files to tiff files
  • xxx_Ci.bake is the texture and xxx_occ.bake is the occlusion file. Open a command window to the working folder (C:\trueSpace761\tS\tsx\dribble\workingdata\) and run a command like so
    • tdlmake -byte -bakeres 1024 cube_0_Ci.bake cube_0_Ci.tif
    • tdlmake -byte -bakeres 1024 cube_0_occ.bake cube_0_occ.tif
  • psd files are 8 bit color
  • openexr files are floating point
  • depth pass is always floating point exr or tif
  • tiff files cannot be read back into truespace
    • currently dribble exports the default of lzw compression
    • tS seems to only read uncompressed tif files
    • workspace cannot read tiffs no matter what the compression settings
  • depth pass only works with tiff option, jpeg ignored, exr will be blank
  • the custom tScausticlight is not working so uses the 3Delight causticlight
  • avoid 2 sided geometry like the double sided plane because they will render with interference patterns
  • render passes only setup for the standard truespace material
  • Original Coolpowers Dribble Installer
  • Source code and installer for the original Coolpowers Dribble tsx . Last version produced by the original author, Simon Windmill.
  • Source code for November Patch
October 12 2013
June 5, 2013