YafaRay for trueSpace7.61

Scripts to use the YafaRay Render Engine

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Simple Installation

install the unofficial updates and you are done


Installation.htm for more information

united3dartists forum discussion for YafaRay4tS v0.9.9: https://united3dartists.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5686

Click here for the Online Help Manual

Convert a Lightworks scene to YafaRay

  1. right click the render icon to initialize yafaray in the scene
  2. open the d3d material converter - found in the material editor of the unofficial update or default tab on YafaRay4tS - Open Scene Utilities and press the D3D Materials button, or download a single panel version from here and press the toolbar button

  3. default aspect, uncheck Selected Only and press the Convert button
  4. stop now and now ready to render if the scene has no textures/bitmaps
  5. open the yafaray scene utilties - YafaRay4tS Default panel, Open Scene Utilities button
  6. press Gather Textures for Sharing to extract the texture files from the scene needed by yafaray
  7. press Process Imported Scene to assign the texture files to the materials
  8. now can render
  9. optionally convert materials to yafaray materials for greater control and flexibility

The process does not work on old pre 7.61 workspace scenes because of the different structure of the scene nodes

Model View Processing

Allows YafaRay4tS to render model view animations while protecting the workspace view from model view changes. It makes it possible to combine workspace and modelspace animations into a YafaRay render.

Protect Workspace

protect workspace panel

The first step in working with model view and workspace view is to protect workspace from random model changes. The Protect Workspace panel can be opened from the side panel settings tab, Protect Workspace toolbar button if installed manually, or it can be opened in the YafaRay4tS Anim aspect. Use the Backup button before opening a Model view to help prevent item name changes, movement, material changes and camera and light attribute changes caused by Model view processes. Use the Restore button after closing the Model view to revert any Model view changes.

Model Mesh (Special Mesh) Processing

Only needed if the model view has shape change animations of NURBS, metaballs or deformations.

  1. Anim aspect activate the Model Mesh Processing checkbox
  2. Model Processing will also need to be activated before the render


  • Do not activate if it is not needed.
  • will make trueSpace unstable for layout changes
  • will slow down the render process

Perform the render

  • Protect Workspace Backup button and save your scene
  • open the main view to a Model view
  • open a new Workspace 3D view
  • Anim aspect activate the Model Processing checkbox
  • press the Render Animation button

Does not work with standalone deformations. Almost any action that protects the workspace will damage model view standalone deformers.

If rendered with a floating model view trueSpace may crash after the render or may become unstable and crash later

Scene Utilities Notes:

scene utilites panel
  • The top section of the panel is for sharing YafaRay4tS scene files or moving scenes to a different computer.
  • "Process Imported Scene" - will replace the YafaRay4tS node in the scene and copy all the old settings excluding the yafaray install path. if the render path from the scene does not exist then a default path will be assigned. then it updates the texture paths based on the Texture Source Folder.
  • "Gather Textures for Sharing" will collect all the scene texture files and copy them into the Texture Source Folder
  • The bottom section is for updating older YafaRay4tS scene files to the currently installed version.
  • "YafaRay4tS Script Node" - will replace the YafaRay4tS node in the scene and copy all the old settings excluding the yafaray install path. it does not update the render path like the import scene process
  • "YafaRay Materials" - will replace the scene's old version YafaRay Materials, non-YafaRay materials are not converted
  • "YafaRay Lights" and "YafaRay Camera" will replace the scene yafaray lights and cameras with their updated YafaRay equivalents. regular lights and cameras are also converted
  • "D3D Materials" opens a material converter utility and can be used to convert basic d3d materials into a yafaray materials or convert basic compiled d3d materials into non-compiled versions which are read by YafaRay as basic/no options Glossy materials.
yafaray icon

YafaRay4tS is a collection of trueSpace scripts for YafaRay(Aug 2020 archive), a free open-source montecarlo raytracing engine.

Random Notes:

  1. Make Names Unique - button on YafaRay4tS default aspect renames renderable items where the name have already been used
  2. protect workspace
  3. much more stable to open modelspace in main window, floating window more crashy
  4. convert to yafaray materials - limit on the number that can convert at one time to 200, with a message saying don't run more than 4 times. so full limit of about 800
  5. Protecting materials will destroy modelspace standalone deformations
  6. blend mixes between the material color and texture

YafaRay4tS (090 old version) download is here - YafaRay4tSv090.zip

April 24, 2016


d3d lights need denser geometry to work with, based on vertices

veronoi actual distance exports as minkovsky, so does minkovsky 4

Original Blender files converted from yaftests.zip, user guide scenes recovered from the Internet Archive website. https://web.archive.org/web/20121010064719/http://static.yafaray.org/testscenes/yaftests.zip

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June 12, 2018