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Batch Installer for trueSpace7.61

A system for installing and reinstalling several scripts(not plugins) at one time.

persistent base install required

download links

Some scripts require rsx plugins and extra downloads. For example the import export scripts require Clintons3Dplugin and the web ui requires a web folder be in place.

autoload batch script


  • Reset the Default Context if any toolbars have been modified
  • if not already installed, install the persistent install base first
  • unzip and place the Objects - Autoload library into the trueSpace Rs Main Libraries folder
  • unzip the web folder to:
    • workspace only version of trueSpace - C:\trueSpace761Std\web
    • full version of trueSpace - C:\trueSpace761\tS\web
  • load the Autoload script into the scene
  • press the start button and wait

Scripts List

  1. ColladaImporterAutoload.RsObj
  2. DeformersAutoload.RsObj
  3. Enhanced Collada Export Autoload.RsObj
  4. FBXAutoload.RsObj
  5. fixColorsAutoload.RsObj
  6. IK Handle Footprint auto-installer.RsObj
  7. JointOrientationAutoload.RsObj
  8. LibraryPlaceAutoload.RsObj
  9. LinkEditorTools Autoload.RsObj
  10. Maya Navigation Autoload.RsObj
  11. NURBSToolsAutoload.RsObj
  12. OD_CopyPasteAutoload.RsObj
  13. PopupsAutoload.RsObj
  14. RectangleLassoObject Autoload.RsObj
  15. StatisticsDisplayAutoload.RsObj
  16. Unreal4 Import Export Autoload.RsObj
  17. View3D Layout Autoload.RsObj
  18. ViewControlAutoload.RsObj


  • remove collada import
  • remove collada export
  • remove fbx
  • update joint orient
  • remove od copy paste
  • popups update to only install the toolbar button and add missing original show object attribs button and faster reponse option
    or reinstate full replacement install maybe better, has all needed stuff - check includes all latest uu stuff
    minimal popup already has fast toolbar and toolbar button so only missing show obj attribs button(original) add it or replace uu version
  • add blender link
  • update light/object view and add it


  • Automatic installer scripts are all stored in a library folder called Objects - Autoload.
  • "Any script" can be added to the Objects - AutoReload library as long as it automatically runs when loaded and has the ability to delete itself when its installation is complete.
  • The scripts run automatically, installing and then deleting themselves. The scripts do not delete themselves when they are loaded into a scene by hand. They only delete themselves when loaded to "/Scripts/AutoloadTEMP".

July 4, 2023

  • update installer toolbar resets to latest uu9
  • remove Camera Transform Widget Autoload
  • remove CTRL Autoload
  • remove Dimensions Autoload
  • add Enhanced Collada Export Autoload
  • keep RectangleLassoObject Autoload for the lasso select
  • remove RectangleSelectWidgetAutoload
  • remove GlueAutoload - Hierarchy tools is the new way
  • remove BooleanSliceAutoload
  • update popup install to uu9 compatible

March 30, 2023

  • add Ctrl button script
  • add Dimensions - for original unshaded material
  • removed web server
  • add le toolbar
  • removed enhanced collada

January 13, 2022

  • remove MeshEditObjectAxesModeAutoload.RsObj
  • remove WidgetScriptsAutoload.RsObj
  • update NURBSToolsAutoload.RsObj
  • update Unreal4 Import Export Autoload.RsObj

November 17, 2021

  • update ue4 import export
  • update enhanced collada export

November 8, 2021

  • updated popup menus - for newest UU released today
  • updated unreal t3d tools
  • updated layers tools

October 29, 2021

  • add glue/unglue tool
  • update unreal import
  • update popups

October 6, 2021

  • update enhanced collada export
  • remove RectangleSelectWidgetAutoload
  • update object StatisticsDisplayAutoload

September 12, 2021

  • update widgetscripts with improved zoom tools

September 8, 2021

  • add pe mesh object coordinates(maybe remove after UU is updated)
  • update library place
  • add widget scripts
  • add updated and stripped down nav widgets(far fewer shortcuts than UU)
  • add popup toolbars
  • add rectangle select (no added view snapping like UU)
  • added nurbs(some differences from UU)
  • remove unselectable
  • update rectangle lasso

June XX, 2021

  • remove ws layers 3
  • remove truebevel
  • remove snapping tools
  • remove quad toolbar
  • remove mesh edit object axis
  • remove freeze transform
  • TODO update and add NURBS
  • update all to latest versions june 2021
  • remove UU4Clinton - is not batchable anymore

December 3, 2020

  • remove CTRL button - UU new link editor view has button available
  • add freeze transform - UU requires PE mode
  • add mesh object coord - UU has uncloseable popup toolbar
  • add snapping - UU point and face require selection where none is needed
  • add truebevel - UU resets bevel to zero after every use

October 31, 2020

  • update rectangle lasso selection
  • update unselectable
  • update layers
  • update collada importer
  • update uu4clinton - remove bevel reset
  • update quad toolbar
  • update fix colors for uu quadtoolbar - keep quad toolbar in batch because of unclosable floating toolbar
  • update installer

September 11, 2020

  • updated quad toolbar installer

July 25, 2020

  • removed FK controls, mesh object coordinates, mesh origin and spotlight transform widget - included in Unofficial Updates(UU)
  • updated fix colors to work with UU colored widget triangles
  • update fbx, unselectable, webserver, layers
  • added uu4clinton
  • installer will clear the recent files lists

June 25, 2020 updated workspace layers script again

June 24, 2020 updated workspace layers script

June 23, 2020 remove some scripts now included in the unofficial updates and add some new scripts

October 31, 2019 update some scripts

September 2, 2019 fix colors script updated for latest Unofficial Updates

August 27, 2019 updated fbx import

March 17, 2019 updated to work with the latest Unofficial Updates

August 23, 2018 add "syncPrototype["WinGUID_Bar"] = 1;" to toolbar resets

February 24, 2018 - replacement for the mass installer script

January 8 2012
June 5, 2013