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UU4Clinton2 for trueSpace7.61(PREVIEW)

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Makes changes to the trueSpace Unofficial Updates to match my personal preferences.


  1. drag the file into the link editor, select options and run
  2. if not using the permanent option be sure to reset default context before installing other things from this web site

Full Installation - tS, UU, batch and finally this UU4Clinton install

  1. install tS7.61, manual and manual vids
  2. install Unofficial updates
  3. install rsx for Collada and FBX import export
  4. copy LibaryPlaceTemplate into place
  5. copy the Objects - Autoload library into place
  6. run the Autoload script
  7. run UU4Clinton2 install - press Run
  8. reset context to see toolbar changes
  9. integration setup


  • missing original show object attribs button
  • missing fast pe toolbar popups default - do in batch install or minimal popup batch install or transfer to this uu4clinton install

Changes / Options - uu4clinton 2.0

install panel install panel2
  • Reset Toolbars - option to turn off for fast testing - do not uncheck this
  • Clean LE Shortcuts - remove le shortcuts ArrangePanels|IconizePanels|MinimizePanels|ExpandPanels - too easy to wreck node layout
  • Default context and Background - removes unselect widget gesture
  • Clean Obj Nav Widget - remove prefs panel, mesh origin panel, mouse settings, ldrag on sphere
    remove custom colors on some arcs - extra material node
    fix Active color for some widgets - set back to yellow
  • Clean PE Widget - remove PEW Preferences, remove mouse settings
    remove pivot snap - too complex and little feedback, keep simple snap option - looks like was removed from uu so only adds simple snap
    remove custom colors on some arcs - extra material node, fix Active color for some widgets - set back to yellow
  • Change Defaults - enable default options detailed below found in the Defaults panel
    • Change Defaults - make changes based on options chosen, uncheck will not change any of them
    • ChangeEncaps - 2d unencapsulation will not ask every time, option to use the original 2d encapsulation, dialog if le active so can name and not jump (original tS behavior)
    • ChangeLookAt - swap lookat and lookat with zoom to match original tS, mmb dbl = look at(tS default) ctrl and shift will look at and zoom selection / all
    • ChangeParentIcons - replace parent and unparent icons - personal preference, P+ icon implies adding to existing parent relationship, P- icon is ok because it does remove from existing, was just easier to replace both icons
    • DoNotProtectSystemObjects - custom preference - delete protect system objects turn off, I don't need the protection
    • ChangeMeshEditSettings - mesh editor pe selection mode to vertex and style to select through - note: save button exists but no direct set of selection mode on the panel
    • Allow Camera Zoom To - allow zoom to from camera view by default
    • Make Changes Permanent - when unchecked most changes can be reverted by reset default context
  • CopyOriginalTiffLoader - the original tiff loader is not limited to a single instance - rename UU tiff loader and copy original
  • CopyBlankDX - the original blank dx material and a less shiny version of it
  • Revert Rectangle Zoom - rmb exists the tool, clear buttom rclickcommand
  • FixCamera - default original - set the enhanced original camera as the default camera, also turns on object style nav widget
  • SpotNavDefaultOn - spot includes the object style nav by default, option not needed if object/light view nav is installed
  • ReplaceRBM- add original red button and color save and restore to red
  • Make Changes Permanent - when unchecked most changes can be reverted by reset default context


  • will create light/object view installer and add to batch installs
  • "original" camera make match actual tS original and add uu9 stuff to it and make it default

      BOLD = new

    • FOV - LDrag or Wheel - Adjust FOV
    • Rotate (Sides) - LDrag - Look around
    • Rotate (Sides) - RDrag - Tilt Left & Right / Roll
    • Rotate (Sides) - Ctrl + LDrag - Spin Left & Right
    • Rotate (Sides) - Ctrl + RDrag - Tilt Up & Down
    • Move (Back) - LDrag - Move X Y
    • Move (Back) - RDrag - Forward & Reverse
    • Move (Back) - Ctrl + LDrag - Move Left & Right
    • Move (Back) - Ctrl + RDrag - Move Up & Down
    • Stand - RDrag - LClick - View from Camera
    • Stand - RDrag - Ctrl + LClick - New Camera View
    • Shift + LClick - Switch Camera Widget
    • Supports - Auto Record Keyframing
  • MANUAL PROCESS: change toolbar WorkspaceMain2 in all layouts to new WorkspaceMainOriginal and add the Main2 little toolbar so matches old tS
  • new IntegrateCustomCommands script makes existing script installs a permanent integrated part of tS. Meaning the scripts will reload when reseting the context.
    TODO: alter rsx to load as system style plugins (maybe)
  • remove spotlight reset angle
  • remove extra toolbars(not used in any layout) and save all removed toolbars to user library
  • remove extra layouts / replace toolbars in extra layouts
  • statistics - UU restriction on rotation and shear reset buttons - so add to batch installs
  • Light view will need replacing - uu differences too much
  • note: toolbar manager and shortcut runner have a bug fix in uu version
  • Clean Toolbars - deactivated, toolbars update via toolbar manager, save unused to library and remove them
    TODO update to remove entire toolbars after save to user library?

Batch Installs

The batch installer fills in some other personal preferences:

  • Deformers don't have the new control widgets
  • UU NURBS has clearhistory commands, toolbar changes and other smaller changes and the freeze patches clear history is justified
  • PopupsAutoload.RsObj - minimal install of only toolbar button? -
  • UU4Clinton has a base Show Object Attribs button, but this is also included in the non-UU popup toolbars
  • maybe add unreal engine navigation mod
  • le shortcuts that arrange and minimize messed up my workflow - fixed in upcoming 2.0 script

Note: found correct terminology in the tS manual - "compound objects" have orange triangle and internal nodes, "base objects" do not have triangle or child nodes.
This is relavant to my use of the terms "compiled" and "node" based materials.

November 21, 2023

  • pre-release uu4clinton 2.0 - almost ready just couple of changes and testing

April 19, 2022

  • add button to close the docked Scene Tree View

April 3, 2022

  • Look At - Reverse CTRL action change to "Rewire" plus remove ShowAll and HideUnselected shortcuts

November 17, 2021

  • fix bugs caused by the removal of the Show Object Attribs button changes

November 8, 2021

  • removed buttons that appear in the popup toolbars
  • removed layouts
  • added original ora and blank dx material

June 18, 2021

  • new permanent install options
  • opt in for each change individually
  • manual installation - not batchable anymore
  • updated for latest UU release

October 31, 2020

  • add new fix truebevel button
  • blank dxmaterial button
  • blank main window lookat button

July 1, 2020

  • Removed "Zoom Extents Remove Reset View" - added to latest UU
  • Removed "Vertex Snap is Also Object Snap" - added to latest UU
  • Removed "Web Based help Ask Permission" - added to latest UU
  • Help window stays open instead of being replaced by other help windows
  • Added Material Inspect and Axes Widgets to the Help tab
  • Add Original command for Show Object Attribs button from the Settings tab
  • Added Enhanced version of Show Object Attribs which cleans up after itself
  • installer clears the recent files list
June 22, 2020
June 22, 2020