TrueSpace to Unreal Model file export

*** 10-March-2004 source code available

*** 17-Dec-2003 added size scaling and fixed to work with bones animation

*** 03-Aug-2003  fixed cancel button on file dialog for deus ex
*** 29-July-2003  added DeusEx compatible model exporter

This plug in will save an animated truespace object  as an unreal object.
It has been tested on versions 5 and 6  of TrueSpace and probably works on version 4.
This plug in is based on the original code for converting 3d studio models, 3ds2unr.
The plugin has only been tested in the original Unreal, Unreal2 and Unreal Tournament 2003

The animation and geometry will import into Unreal II mesh viewer, but the textures just don't work and the animations don't work within a level. You end up with an object with the default texture and no way to change it.

rendering from TrueSpace

View from inside UnrealEd

Above shows a test of a cube with 2 textures, a rabbit and a caterpillar with a half eaten tomato.

Skeletal animation in truespace

Animated vertex object in ut2003

Download the instructions and the ts2de plugin and optionally the bumpmap textures for controlling the type of triangles created within the UnrealEd program.


The Deus Ex tsx works the same as the unreal tsx except when you right click you can choose to turn off Deus Ex Compatibility mode.  With this turned off the plugin will export an Unreal compatible model. The type of export will be indicated in the heading of the uc file generated. The right click dialog also includes a scale. Enter the size of the object in inches before exporting.

Download DeusEx TSX

Click this line for the source code

Download ts2unr (this original version superceded by ts2de plugin)

sample skin bumpmap
sample translucent bumpmap
sample twosided bumpmap
sample twosidednorm bumpmap
sample weapon bumpmap

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