TrueSpace Python Scripts

** 21-Ausust-2004 rgb color cubes

*** 24-July-2004 coundown timer
*** 28-June-2003 added GUI buttons demo script
*** 22-June-2003  added GUI version of Matthew Bennett's Poser Import Script
*** 19-June-2003 start experimenting with python - created a commented version of

RGB Color Cube

Create an object. Select it and run the script. The individual cube sizes are taken from the currently selected object.

Get the RGBcolorcube script here

Countdown timer script keyframes digits in and out of position.

10 digits for the seconds, 6 for tens of seconds and 10 digits for minutes are created and stored out of sight of the camera until moved into position by the script. The digit objects are named “min0” to “min9”, “tsec0” to “tsec5”, and “usec0” to “usec9”. The picture above shows objects “min1 : tsec0 usec6” in position. Get the countdown timer script Here is a commented version of included with TrueSpace.  It's purpose is to try to understand the GUI interface available for scripts.  My main sources of information are the pythonwin source code from    and documentation from

Click to get the password dialog script.

Below is an improved version of dlgPasswcomments which uses PyCWnd and PyCDialog methods . Reference information can be found at  ASPN

Click to get the improved password dialog script

Below is a GUI version of Matthew Bennett's Poser to Truespace script.  The original article for the script was  in Issue #45 of 3D Artist magazine and was available for download from
This version has a  file dialog box and a dialog to enter the number of frames, time increment between poses, name of object in truespace, and a scaling parameter.

Click to get the script.

Export the animation from Poser  as Wavefront Object files (obj), then use the script in truespace to import the object files.
Use the file dialog to choose any of the sequentially numbered obj files.
If truespace object loading is not set to screen fit, increase the scaling factor to about 10.

This script runs very very slowly for complex poser figures.  
I exported only the figure's hand for my tests and that worked well.

The following 2 scripts modify the password dialog scripts to use list boxes and combo boxes.

The following script demonstrates the buttons that work , push buttons, check boxes and 3 state check boxes.
Radio buttons didn't work for me.