Texture Notes


A technique for UV mapping.

Delete all lights in the scene to make it easier to see the colors. Reset to the default settings for the material editor. Set lum value in reflectance to it's maximum value. Use to create a pallette of colors to use. Sample the color from a cube and apply it to a section of the model. Use freehand select with the <Ctrl> key to select areas of common color for UV mapping.

When uv mapping, shrink down the pieces and move them so they do not overlap.

After all the pieces are sized and positioned, import a black texture map of the desired size and paint the model with it. Then export a new map from the uv editor. Truespace will export a map of maximum size of 1024x1024. If a larger size is needed resize the map outside of truespace.


Apply the new texture to the model and use a paint program to modify the texture. Save the picture and update the Truespace display to see updates as you work.

This map was created with Paint Shop Pro using a picture of a wheel hub, PSP's built in textures and gradients and shiny aluminum and black images generated from truespace renders.

The windows use a seperate texture map

If don't use texture map ts will export a small low resolution texture map.
See gamespace tutorial on uv mapping on caligari site

much faster if apply texture map later after uv organization is done

use common color to define uv areas advantage over named selections that disappear if geometry is modified and easy to see the different parts

windows are from unreal 2k4 shader, VMVehicles-TX  NewprvGroup shader PRVwindowSHAD