Unreal PSK/PSA Export for TrueSpace

JuggMaleA Frun animation sequence

May 30, 2004

*** 26-Aug-2004 array holding bone influences was too small for vehicles + fixed vehicle mode message

*** 26-June-2004 updated so compatible with unreal2004 vehicles + joint translation animation maybe possible(not tested yet)

*** 15-June-2004 changed scale so 1 inch = 1 Unreal unit and added instruction page

*** 06-June-2004 added clip support

*** 05-June-2004 fixed texture mapping problem

The TrueSpace to PSK export plugin has only been tested with TS version 6.6 and Unreal Tournament 2003/4. Caligari changed the skeletal hierarchy starting with version 6.5 so this plugin will only work with versions 6.5 and up also should work with GameSpace.

Be sure to have the top level object selected before exporting. It won't work if just the skeleton or the mesh is selected. If the object has animation it will be exported to a file called “TSanim.psa”. If there is no animation only the PSK file will be created. The object position at time zero will be used as the reference pose in Unreal.

The animated object must be made of a single triangulated mesh with a skeleton. The joints of the skeleton MUST have unique non-repeating names. If clips are used they must not overlap in time and the first clip must be active before export. One last bug prevents using the plugin more than once per session, so restart Truespace to clear the bug and export again. If the animation looks wrong in Unreal, close out of UnrealEd and Truespace without saving and try again.

The PSKexporter will create a PSK mesh file, a PSA animation file, psaout.txt(debugging file that lists the animations) and a Truespace object file called “UnrealObjectBackup”. The UnrealObjectBackup file is created before the animation is exported and loaded back in when the animation is complete. This serves to preserve the object's original animation.


<200 joints

<120 animations per export

<7000 triangular faces

<5000 points

<8 textures

note: before august 26 2004 an internal array limited the max vertices assigned to a bone/joint to only 500. 

The pictures and animation were created by importing the JuggMaleA.psk file from the UT2k3 disk, creating a skeleton to match it and rotoscoping in 3D the FRun animation from the UDNmale psa files. The unreal picture below looks weak because of my extremely bad texturing job

Click Here to see how it was done and to download a sample scene or skeleton.

The plugin and source code can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Enjoy.


Unreal 2k4 Animation Browser

Roamer(Ark II)

The Roamer from the 70's show “Ark II”


DuneBlocky – inspired by DuneBuggy vehicle VTM on the UT2004 DVD

Ugly, but it works!(except for the turret in back)

PSK Vehicle notes for TrueSpace can be found Here

Download PSKexport.tsx by clicking on PSKexport.tsx

Download the zipped C source code Here

*** 31-May-2004 fixed mesh face distortion

*** 31-May-2004 fixed vertex to bone assignments

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