TrueSpace to Unreal T3D file export

This plug in will save a truespace object or scene as an Unreal brush or map.  
When exporting a map there is also the option to export all the elements of the scene as seperate t3d brush files

By painting an object with a bumpmap texture file named “STATICMESH” the object will export as a seperate ASE file which can be imported to Unreal2 and UT2k3 as a static mesh.

StaticMesh objects with animation(rotation or translation) will export to the map as Movers. StaticMesh objects with a “Name,x” where x is anything will be exported as an instance of “Name”.

Spot lights, geometry and texture names are exported.    
This plug in should work with trueSpace versions 5.1 and up.


this is the view from trueSpace

and from unrealed

imported level being played

download the ts2t3d plug in

download the subtract bitmap

Above: Truespace scene with 4 movers, a tree staticmesh and several tree instances. The tree is named “tree” and the cubes are named “tree,1” “tree,2” “tree,3” and so on. One tree ase file will be created

Right: Imported level in UT2k3. The boxes have been replaced by tree instances. The textures for normal brushes need to be fixed in the game. The staticmesh textures are good.

Below: Movers in action.

Model with scene units of meters and object units of inches.  The object's one inch will translate to one unreal unit.

readme text

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***13-May-2004 the order of the Unreal brushes is now the same as that created in Truespace and the brush pivot is taken from the object's Truespace axis

*** 18-April-2004 added support for movers and instancing, if level scaled on export - lights will scale in size and brightness, fewer questions on export

*** 13-March-2004 now exports light brightness and colors, export static meshes

*** 09-March-2004 added option to export individual elements of scene (requested by “Ab Posti”)

*** 08-Aug-2003  added support for textures

*** 03-Aug-2003  fixed cancel button on file dialog

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