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pillar in unreal
creased and smooth test objects in unrealed

ase icon ts2ase.tsx

ASE(Ascii Scene Export) file exporter for truespace can be used to create static mesh models for unreal2004/2003 and doom3.

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creased pillar  smooth pillar
All models export as smooth.  Creasing is simulated by adding geometry at the crease lines.
The plugin has the following limitations:

Max of 32 textures. 
No glued objects.
The selected object must be made of only triangles.
It must have at least one texture map applied to it.
All geometry will export as a single smoothing group(3dsmax talk for "it will be smooth").
The texture filename(s) will be the only material information exported.

All extra (triangulated) geometry in the scene will export as part of the selected mesh and they will not export with any material information(they will share the first material of the selected object).
Mesh is exported in centimeter scale.

unreal tournament 2004

1 cm in truespace = 1 unreal unit
ut2k4 player is 88 units tall
unreal map max size 524,288 units

karmats collision
collisions meshes are created by using special names on extra geometry
MCDBX - box
MCDSP - sphere
MCDCY - cylindar
MCDCX - mesh
doom3 man is 84 units tall
only 1 texture allowed, the diffuse map
specular and normal maps can be added after export using the mtr file

ase source code Click here to get the c source code
Click above to download source file.