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alien danceing
motion capture dance
*** source code released 02-May-2003 ***
*** Updated 16-Feb-2003 ***

This plug in will import BioVision Human motion file and create an animated skeleton.
Some motions work ok and some don't look so good.
This plug in should work with Truespace versions 4 to 6.
It will NOT work with version 6.5 and up

truespace alien scaled to fit the imported skeleton at frame zero

click on pictures for larger versions

download the bio vision import plug in

click here for bvh source code

Update Notes - Feb 2003:
    1.    will read Poser5 generated bvh files (more joints)
    2.    added  frame count on status line when importing
    3.    fix for dancing nail problem
    4.    added keyframe skip factor option to not keyframe on every frame
    5.    added  scale factor for imported skeleton
    6.    fix cancel on file dialog

     This program will import files that contain one figure only. 
     2 addition small fixed joints will be created for each joint defined in the bvh file.
     Frame rate of the motion data is not read.

first dialog
second dialog
Keyframe Reduction
Scale Factor

    Right click the plugin to access the dialogs for reduced keyframes and figure scaling before importing.
    The plugin will use these values during the import process.

    The dialogbox for keyframes appears first and indicates the number of frames between each keyframe
    generated.  A skip factor of 1 will keyframe every frame, a skip factor of 2 will keyframe every other frame        
    of motion data , 3 every third and so on.  Click the YES and NO to update the value and CANCEL to save it.
    Next the scale dialog appears with the same control scheme.  Scaling is reversed in that the larger the
    value the smaller the figure will be.

This will probably be the last version of this plugin.  I think I've found the reason for the strange imports.
The BVH file format includes a specific order of rotation for each of the joints.  
The joints for a TrueSpace skeleton always has the same rotation order.