Doom3/Quake4 (wip)

click the picture for a video(wmv,380Kb, 1sec)
Truespace7.6 scripts for importing and exporting Doom3 md5 mesh and animation files.  My ultimate goal is to have full import and export capabilities.  The biggest improvement over the truespace7.5 version is that the mesh is now skinned to the skeleton.
March 11 2009 Update:

fixed mesh export: was only working with one type of bone skinning weights

fixed mesh material import/export: was still using trueSpace version 7.5 type materials which worked with import but caused export to not find the mesh material
August 1 2008 Update:

added exporters for mesh and animation, custom built skeletons have not been tested yet
animation import is much faster
not dependent on "doomActor" being in scene, works with current selection
gets shader names from the imported mesh


before exporting delete all IK Handles and IK Stops
first joint and bone of the trueSpace skeleton are ignored
the second joint should be named "origin" and the skeleton is built from that joint
joints connected to the origin bone must be connected to at least one other bone
the importer does not create Limb nodes, so do not enter the skeleton of a complex object in the link editor(very slow)
open the Output Console to see the animation import progress
the playrange will determine the animation frames that get exported
"doomActor" is created on mesh import and can be renamed
shader names from doom3 "/" is replaced with "%" inside trueSpace, replacement is reversed on export
click here to download the mesh importer

click here to download the animation importer

click here to download the mesh exporter

click here to download the animation exporter

The some notes for the truespace7.5 version still apply.

click here to see the notes.

The animation import only shows progress through the Output Console view.  For long animations it can take up to 1 second per frame.  Short animations are faster because the importer slows down as the frames are imported.