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21-July-2007 long overdue updates, ts7 stuff, reorganized pictures, 7.51 version doom3, start new web template,TODO: d3d earth, more jscript objects, uvsquare script, my shortcut keys, maybe second life, custom nav widget notes, matrix inspector code, ase w/normal maps to doom3
22-Jan-2007 ASE updated, cm instead of inch scale, mesh selected test and vertex normals for doom3
24-Nov-2006 correct invert patch uploaded to replace incomplete version
07-October-2006 nurbsCage control point edit plugin
*** 02-October 2006 improved nurbsinfo, add invert curve, invert patch, weld patch
*** 22-September 2006 nurbs tools and start of page redesign, first plugins with dialogs
*** 24-June 2006 ts7 custom object and point edit navigation widgets,
*** 28-January 2006 doom3 md5 mesh importer

*** 24-July-2005  add Axes tools plugins
*** 02-May-2005  add PolyCombine plugin
*** 05-September-2004 add support for collision objects to ASE export
** 21-August-2004 update psk vehicle notes/ uv texture notes
*** 26-Aug-2004 fixed limit on # vertices assigned bone for PSK exporter, fix vehicle mode message
*** 26-June-2004 PSK export is now UT2k4 vehicle compatible
*** 15-June-2004 more PSK export instructions
*** 06-June-2004 PSK export plugin is complete – source code available

*** 30-May-2004 first working version of PSK export plugin

***13–May-2004 TS to T3D plugin - maintain order of brushes and fixed brush pivot point

*** 18-April-2004 add support for Movers(animated static meshes) in TS to T3D plugin

*** 13-March-2004 fixed ASE export to work with UT2003

*** 13-March-2004 export ASE's from within T3d plugin, color of lights exported

*** 10-March-2004 released source code for TS 2 Unreal/DeusEx

*** 09-March-2004 TS 2 T3D option export map as individual brush files and source code

*** 17-December-2003 updated TS to Unreal/DeusEx plugin - fix to work with bone animation

*** 13-December-2003 added PSK/PSA export plugin and source

*** 27-November-2003 failed truespace/Unreal PSK project with source code

*** 13-August-2003 new truespace to ase file format

*** 09-August-2003 truespace to t3d now supports textures

*** 03-Aug-2003  fixed cancel button on file dialog for t3d and deus ex

*** 29-July-2003   added Deus Ex version of Truespace to Unreal

*** 22-June-2003   GUI version of poser autoload in Python

*** 19-June-2003 start experimenting with python - created a commented version of

*** 02-May-2003 BVH source code available ***

*** 16-Fedruary-2003    BVH Import updated ***

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