trueSpace Plugins
d3d earth
Real time ts7 D3D earth texture*
miscellaneous stuff

llsculpt icon

ts7 stuff, animation, navigation, virtualight shaders


ase icon

Create static meshes for use with Unreal2 and UT2003/2004 and Doom3

Nurbs tools weld
rebuild curve, rebuild patch, info panel, weld curve, invert curve, invert patch, weld patch, control point edit
Doom3 Mesh Importer
trueSpace75 doom3 mesh importer.  Bones, but no skinning support at this time.

Axes Tools normxs  togxs
Normalize axes of an object.  Show/Hide all axes in a scene.
Create a copy of a glued object as a single mesh
Note:  Caligari has a plugin available in the downloads section of the gamespace website that basically  does the same thing.
TS UV Texture

Not a plugin. One way to UV texture.
TS to Unreal PSK

Create skeletal animation for Unreal UT2003/4 For TrueSpace v6.5 and up.

TS to Unreal T3D t3d

Convert a truespace object or scene to an Unreal brush or map with staticmesh and mover support.

TS to Unreal(Deus Ex) unreal deus ex

Convert an animated truespace object to Unreal mesh object, is compatible with all versions except Unreal2

BioVision Human motion Import bvh

Create an animated skeleton from a BVH motion file
Works OK for some motions and poorly for others
NOT compatible with TS v6.5 and up

Python Scripts

My experiments with Python scripting

Unreal PSK/PSA Import

Unreal PSK/PSA import (false skeleton and no material definition)

Check out my Carrara plugin page    ../carrara/index.html
and my Lightwave3D plugin page   ../lightwave/index.html
* real time day/night texture based on 3dbuzz maya fundamentals dvd. Textures used are from ARC Science and Face of the Earth (