trueSpace Plugins
Miscellaneous Stuff
subd spider
SubD spider modeled from 3dbuzz maya adv modeling dvd
virtualight shaders  
click above a collection of virtualight shaders made from the included samples.  it needs the missing bitmap and vs files that can be found at
  unzip the mtl file and store it in  "C:\trueSpace76\tS\Library"
  download and unzip the virtualight renderer and copy the bitmaps found in the Map folder into "C:\trueSpace76\tS\VirtuaLight\Lib"
the vs files found in the virtualight ".\Examples\Level1 and Level2" can be copied to the same place
  The virtualight material declarations path for each shader may need to be manually changed if the path doesn't match the default truespace directory.  The virtualight website has disappeared and truespace7.6 has virtualight bugs so this may not really matter.
Maya style navigation ts75
  Maya style background navigation widget for the perspective view.
alt + left drag = rotate view
alt + middle drag = pan view
alt + right drag = pan in and out
Zoom Plus ts75
  fast zoom(really pan in and out)
ctrl + shift + middle drag = fast zoom
Combine Workspace and Modelspace D3d render  
  This object allows for combining ts75.1 workspace and modelspace animations into one D3D workspace render. It requires the default context so it knows which window to render. Other windows can be opened but it renders from the main workspace window. The workspace animation play range values must be set before using and there is no way to stop a render once it starts. It will render the workspace play range which has a default value of 300 frames. The render to file must be set to render a sequence. To use it make sure the 3d view is in workspace and load the rsobject into a link editor window and push the start button. Edit: forgot to mention that you may want to have autokey in model turned off when you run it, otherwise keys get set Edit: just found out that model view needs to be open to work with particle animation. Includes a check box to turn the file render portion off or on. This is useful for baking workspace animations into model space animations. Just turn autokey on in model space to record the workspace motions.
Freeze Transformation ts75 jscript
  freeze the transformation(set rotation, translation and scale to zero) of an editable mesh.  works on single mesh objects only
Matrix Inspector ts75 jscript
  inspect the transformation matrix values of an object
Day/Night Earth Object ts75 workspace d3d texture demo
  This object's texture will respond to the lights position and display either a day or night side texture as you spin it around. It also uses a specular map so the ocean has a highlight but the land doesn't. It's a recreation of one of the 3Dbuzz Maya Fundamentals video lessons. Use this object with the realtime Player view. It works best with only one light in the scene or all the lights at the same location.
  Textures used are from ARC Science and Face of the Earth (
Personal Notes ts75
  shortcuts custom

face, edge, point select f2 f3 f4 - from hexagon

from lightwave
] select all connected
} expand selection
{ contract selection
" invert selection