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3dbuzz ufo
ufo from 3dbuzz maya fundamentals modelled in trueSpace

nurbscage icon nurbsCage.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up Create a polgon cage to modify the control vertices of a nurbs patch.  Edit the cage with point edit tools to change the shape of the patch.  This also opens up the ability to use the snapping tools with nurbs surfaces.  Click once to activate and click again to deactivate and break the link between the cage and the patch.
nurbs cage
The picture shows a 1x1 plane.  Normal trueSpace nurbs edit doesn't give access to the internal control points.  The central control points can be edited using the nurbsCage plugin.  Do not add or subtract any geometry from the cage.  Any geometry added will be ignored and any geometry subtracted will probably cause a crash.

invertcurve icon invertCurve.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up Reverse the direction of a curve.  Have nurbsinfo open to see the result.
invertpatch icon invertPatch.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up Reverse the direction of a nurbs patch in the u or v direction or swap the u and v.  Have nurbsinfo open to see the result.
note: original version on Oct 1 2006 was the wrong version.  the correct program was uploaded on Nov 24 2006
invertpatch icon weldPatch.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up Weldpatch will take 2 patches that have been glued together and weld them together to create a single patch.  The u and v directions of the patches must be in the same direction.  The 2 patches must have the same number of spans in u.
weld patch composite picture
Nurbsinfo only works with 1 patch at a time, but the composite picture above illustrates the orientation needed for the patches to be welded and it shows that they both have the same number of u spans.  The patch on the left was selected before the glue tool was invoked.
welded result
Here is the result.  The first row of the second object is lost to the weld process.  Ideally there would be no gap between the 2 patches before the weld is run.  It's probably best to stitch the 2 patches together, convert to a plain patch, and then use nurbsinfo with invertPatch to make sure they are lined up properly.  The original glued patches are not deleted from the scene.
weldcurve icon weldcurve.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up The weldcurve plugin will take 2 curves that have been glued together and weld them together to create a single curve.  The tail of the curve that was selected when the 2 curves where glued will connect to the head of the second curve.
weld curve
Sept 30 2006 v1.1 minor changes to help text and removed unnecessary messagebox
weldcurve icon nurbsinfo.tsx
for tS6 and up The nurbsinfo plugin will display information for nurbs patches and curves.  The most useful information is the number of spans.  Only the U information is populated for curves.  Click to turn it on.  Click again to turn it off.  Does not work properly in modeller 4 view mode.
nurbs info panel
The sphere "head/origin" is larger than the cone "tail/u direction".
Sept 30 2006 v1.1 workaround for wheel mouse sticking, show head and tail of curve, show origin and u direction of nurbs patch
weldcurve icon rebuildPatch.tsx
for tS6 and up The rebuildpatch plugin will reconstruct a patch with a given number of spans in the U and V directions.  The slider is limited to values between 1 and 16.  Higher values can be typed into the text boxes.  The current values are shown at the top of the dialog.  For tS7 and up the bridge may be turned off to prevent the new patch from shifting position.
rebuilt patch dialog
rebuilt patch
weldcurve icon rebuildCurve.tsx
for tS ver 6 and up The rebuildcurve plugin will recreate a curve with a given number of equally spaced spans. The dialog is the same as with rebuildPatch, but without the V.
Below is a curve that was rebuilt from 24 spans down to 12 spans.
rebuild curve
Sept 27 2006 still v1.0 but modified to update info panel 
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