Every version of trueSpace brings with it new functionality, and this is especially true of trueSpace7! To bring you up to speed with the new customizable interface and the new real-time features, this course introduces you to the Player view, the Link Editor, creating DX9 materials, edge loops, the layout and how to change it, on-line collaboration, and more! Whether you are new to trueSpace, or making the move from an earlier version, "Getting Started with trueSpace7" makes an invaluable starting point!. (2 hours)

1. Introduction 2. Quick Tour
3. Windows and Layouts 4. Toolbars and Buttons 5. Stack view & Libraries
6. The Player Window
7. Player Mesh Edit Tools 8. Player Record 9. Macro Record 10. What Is The Matrix?
11. The Link Editor
12. Linking Objects Together 13. Other Windows 14. Creating A Shader
Part 1
15. Creating A Shader
Part 2
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16. Creating A Shader
Part 3
17. Moving On To The Lights 18. Animation 19. Post Processing 20. Point Editing in trueSpace7.1 & vray