This course will introduce you to using trueSpace as an illustration and design tool as Andy Kay walks you through modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering a computer mouse from start to finish, just as if you were creating an advertisement or brochure illustration. (1 hours and 21 minutes)

1. Introduction 2. Setting up reference materials 3. Modeling, first step 4. Initial shaping 5. Refining the shape
6. Smoothing the object 7. Hollowing out the mouse 8. Creating two halves 9. Creating the buttons 10. Creating the mouse wheel
11. Detailing the mouse base 12. Adding text on the mouse 13. Creating the mouse cable 14. Creating the materials 15. Setting the scene
16. Setting up the lighting 17. Rendering the image 18. Introduction to Simbiont 19. Adjusting Simbiont parameters 20. More Simbiont examples
21. Introduction to Post Production 22. Editing the rendered images 23. Layering and effects 24. Producing the final illustration