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UE4 notes

Export FBX Level from UE4.19

Third Person Project

File > Export All... > fbx 2013 format

File > Export All... > t3d format

Content Browser - Content>Geometry>Meshes, select all, rt click Asset Actions>Bulk Export... Export All

Content Browser - Content>ThirdPerson>Meshes, select all, rt click Asset Actions>Bulk Export... Export All

Notes: Materials will export as t3d files that cannot be read back into UE4 and will crash UE4 if attempt to load into a level.

ue4 default export is fbx 2013, max fbx 2018, min fbx 2011

Import Unreal Level

trueSpace 7.61

empty scene, import scale 0.01, import materials, import lights, convex polygonss, convert to z-up,skeleton nodes


Fix skeletal mesh if desire

  1. Copy the skeleton(CharacterMesh0, 1) into the actor(Actor, 1)
  2. Rename the false skeleton(CharacterMesh0) to anything else
  3. Rename the skeleton from CharacterMesh0, 1 to CharacterMesh0 removing the ", 1" postfix
  4. Press the transfer bind pose button
  5. Press the skin and transfer animations button
  6. Export/reconnect the Transform OwnerMatrix to the outside
  7. Export/reconnect the Transform WldMatrix to the outside
  8. Connect then Disconnect the false skeleton ObjMatrix to the actual skeleton Matrix
  9. Remove the false skeleton
  10. Connect the Transform WldMatrix to the CharacterMesh0 OwnerMatrix
  11. Go inside the CharacterMesh0
  12. Reset the root nodes Root transform connector

Open Unreal Import Export Script and press the Open T3D FBX Utilities

Select the LightSource_0 and press the Convert Infinite to Directional button

Select the staticmeshes and press the Process StaticMeshes button

Blender 2.80

Scene>Units set to 0.01

? Scene>Units Length set to Centimeters ?

comes in to proper size, but items scaled to 0.01 except for skeletal meshes which have a scale of 1.0, !EXPERIMENTAL! Apply Transform can be used if there are no animations or skeletal meshes

Adjust view clipping - 'N' shortcut > View>Clip End 10m -> 100m


Fix Base Color of materials

Lightwave 2018


Parent all items to the WorldInfo_0 and set it's pitch to 90


ue4 fbx material exports as black

ue 4.19 used because Google VR plugin stopped working in 4.21 and higher, 4.20 is also ok

bulk export, result is folder structure matching ue4 project with exported fbx files

ue4 fbx export default 2013, min 2011, max 2018

trueSpace skeletal mesh is bad but can be adjusted

Blender 2.80 skeletal mesh is bad

Lightwave 2018 skeletal mesh is good

Lightwave 2018 imports sideways z-up

trueSpace fbx import fix yaw 180 will remove the 180 degree yaw applied to imported meshes, but is bad for animation import, possible future fix for plugin animation look at 180 option

Lightwave 2018 imported light points in the wrong direction and is not placed correctly

Blender imported light points in the wrong direction but is placed correctly

trueSpace 7.61 T3D Import

Set scale to 0.01

Press the ... button to choose the ThirdPersonExampleMap.t3d file

Press the Import T3D button

2D encapsulate the staticmesh items

Import the individual fbx staticmeshes, scale 0.01

Unreal import export script - press Open T3D FBX Utilities Open T3D FBX Utilities

Select the LightSource_0 and press the Convert Infinite to Directional button

All 3 checkboxes selected

Select the staticmeshes and press the Process StaticMeshes button

2D Encapsulate the fbx static meshes

Press the set fbx source group

Select the t3d group and press the set t3d destination group

Press copy fbx meshes

Can now delete the fbx and t3d encapsulated nodes


trueSpace fbx import is more straight forward than the t3d import process

t3d includes non-mesh items like volumes, but does not include any skeletal meshes

t3d is the only way to load levels from unreal engine version 1, obj and stl export were added in ver 2 and ver 4 added fbx export

Export Skeletalmesh and animation from UE4.19

Third Person Project

Content Browser - Content>Mannequin>Animations, select the animation sequences, rt click Asset Actions>Bulk Export... Export All

Content Browser - Content>Mannequin>Character>Mesh, select SK_Mannequin, rt click Asset Actions>Export... Export

To export mesh and an animation in one file - Content Browser - Content>Mannequin>Animations, double click an animation sequence, Export Asset>Animation Data, answer yes to the question to include the mesh.

Import Unreal Skeletalmesh and Animations

trueSpace 7.61

result good, need to delete BONESANIM and BONESBIND nodes before importing anymore skeletal meshes or skeletal mesh animations

Blender 2.80

Scene>Units set to 0.01

? Scene>Units Length set to Centimeters ?

Adjust view clipping - 'N' shortcut > View>Clip End 10m -> 100m

scale keys in dope sheet in X direction by 1.2 to fix timing

Lightwave 2018

key frame timings are off, start and end time is correct, last key frame is not valid


ue4 fbx exports 1 extra frame from what is indicated in the animation editor

Blender will set the scene at 25 fps, ue4 animations are 30 fps so scale the key timings by 1.2 (30/25). After scaling there will be a missing key frame in the center of the range and the start and end range will match the fbx file.

ue4 animation shows bad arm in all programs - bad ue4 export

trueSpace animation performance only good in the DopeSheet view, Story and FCurve are slow

Lightwave - my Info Panel will hurt animation playback - close the dialog to fix

UE4 Cinematics Import/Export

Cinematics > add level sequence

create new camera button

animate transform and focal length

right click CeneCameraActor and export

Lightwave 2018

imported ue4 level

load items from scene - choose CineCameraActor from fbx file - must click on it even though looks like it is selected

results good, got transform and fov animations


import scene, import camera

result good, got transform and fov animations


import scene, import camera

result good, got transform and fov animations


trueSpace camera is double encapsulated with transforms on the outer node and fov on the encapsed camera node

trueSpace camera to ue4 cinematics is good

ue4 does not import fov, spot angle or light color from any of the 3 apps

Lightwave does not export spot lights properly - exports as infinite light with no animation

Lightwave animated distant light not good in ue4 even though trueSpace can read it

Lightwave camera animation is bad

Blender camera and lights to ue4 are good - again no color or spot angle transfers over

UE4 summary and random notes

trueSpace and Blender to and from cinematics is good

Lightwave to cinematics is all bad

animated staticmesh will import to ue4 as skeletal mesh with 1 bone, other option is to import staticmesh and then import the animation to cinematics

UE4 not read color or spot angle animations

ue4 cinematics > new level sequence

trueSpace batch export - all to individual files, did not combine collision with mesh

t3d workflow maybe not worth the trouble?

trueSpace Unreal Script batch export outdated - only valid ue4 options are Skeletal Mesh and Skeletal Mesh Animation

trueSpace fbx single file clip option - was needed for old Matinee system, maybe valid for export to Lightwave which only reads the first take in an fbx file

Cinematics exports ful frame range not the selected objects key frame range

trueSpace imports meshes with 180 degree yaw, can use yaw 180 option to fix as long as item is not animated

trueSpace playback slow in Story and FCurve with play all frames option

maybe future fix trueSpace fbx 180 yaw to work with animated import/export

if dont set scene scale in Blender before import then static meshes will import with a scale of 0.01 even though skeletal mesh will import with scale of 1.0

Autodesk FBX Converter will convert up to fbx 2013 with other file formats and has a command line interface

Blender will only read fbx 2011(7.1) and up binary format, will save as fbx 2015(7.4)

Lightwave fbx 2016 and older

trueSpace fbx 2015 and fbx2010(fbx 6)

Lightwave to load 1 item from fbx use load item from scene instead of import fbx

Blender no shadows from sunlight, shadows from all others - point, area and spot

Blender will need camera, view and light clipping adjustments

Lightwave rotation keys are on, but translation and scale keys are off - still looks good when played though

Older Notes below this point

Today March 24, 2019

Lightwave 2018

fbx export: vertex colors only export from layout

will export morph targets

Sept 6, 2018

fbx for truespace

import blender - both work but different naming

April 3, 2017

unreal for truespace

script node:

obj imports as stair mesh parent to null with proper name, no 180 degree in z, colors are good
maybe better than fbx for this

textures must be in the same folder as the obj file
mtl file must start with a comment line or not work for anyone
blender can read the obj with full textures
truespace can only get diffuse textures
export from blender as fbx then truespace can read spec and normal - with error messages
fbx converter does not make spec and normal good from obj file - explains why tS cannot read obj spec and normal
lightwave will ask for the location of the textures if not with obj file
lightwave reads all textures but only applies diffuse - maybe autodesk limitation again?

best obj - copy textures to obj path,edit mtl file add #line at top load into blender(centimeter)

April 3, 2017

ue4 cinematic notes

blender is easy - for staticmesh use default Yup and -Z forward, for cinematics use Zup and Y forward, no smoothing groups error for staticmesh

also note that imported staticmeshes are fully frozen to work

April 7, 2017
April 7, 2017

final thoughts

need joint renaming to use blender properly with apollo project - need to learn

blender imports at 25 fps, but will export at 30fps fine

fix 25 fps by

  • open graph editor
  • set pivot point to 3d cursor
  • press s then x then type 1.2 which comes from 30/25s, result is span of 30 frames with one missing in the center(weird), but should be doable :)


  • set scene before import to centimeter 0.01 scale
  • rotate light in local Y -90deg
  • view clip end to 50 meters or so
  • backface culling
  • spot light -> clip start and end in meters, falloff constant, size 1024/2048
  • can easily lose shadows - difficult, clip start and end are key
  • ue4 cinematics zup y forward, regular use defaults yup -z forward
  • note from blender 2.77a tests fbx export smoothing = edge

old note lightwave fbx import from ue4 scale keys not timed correctly, rot and trans ok, no realtime shadows, sideways import - only real limitation apollo project needs rt shadows to position things, vpr looks promising

April 16, 2017

final thoughts 2

Export FBX > Animation uncheck NLA Strips and All Actions

if not then multiple anim stacks and only first is read into ue4 cinematics

looks like need one and only one animstack exported

    blender camera motion export
  • select cameraA
  • object > snap > cursor to selectedAA
  • make empty - type Arrows
  • add camera to selection - then ctrl p to parent
  • object properties cube - rt click rotation > copy all to selected, seems backward but ok
  • rotate x so z is up rel to camera -90 deg
  • rotate z so x forward 90 deg
  • object animation > bake action, all checked except last
  • export fbx selected only and usual uncheck NLA Strips and All Actions,Zup Yforward
  • note: fov animation does not export
April 17, 2017

more not so final thoughts

blender enable back face culling

    success blender camera export
  • parent null to camera
  • object > parent > clear parent inverse
  • position 0,0,0
  • rotation -90,90,0 now null has z up and x forward which matches ue4 viewport widget for camera
  • fbx export selected, uncheck all actions, z up, y forward

lightwave cannot export selected item so can not export a null "copied" from camera

April 29, 2017

ue4 fbx level -> lightwave

lightwave camera -> ue4 cinematics

  • add null
  • parent camera to null
  • parent the null to the level 90 pitch null
  • set 90 pitch null to 0 value for pitch
  • add null
  • parent null to camera, not in place
  • add null
  • parent to previous null, not in place
  • set heading -90, set pitch 90
  • add null, grid shape
  • set motion rot,loc same as item previous null, result will be -z up and x forward relative to camera
  • use lscript to bake -
  • remove all other animated items
  • fbx export only animation option checked

note if lw camera not start at same location/orientation of ue4 camera then need all values to change or they will be filtered out. so be sure x,y,z and h,p,b all change over the course of the animation

mesh animation goes straight in, if parented to 90p null can properly see/compare with ue4 result. still need to remove other animations

import anim to content browser? - wont import without mesh, only one animation for all imported

April 30, 2017


Blender will export LOD via trick(python) and Lightwave does not do LOD

June 4, 2017

t3d for truespace

notes: unrealEngine4Notes_2017.txt

June 7, 2017

t3d import and notes - see notes file

obj scene no cameras or lights

new t3d: unrealEngine4Notes_2017.txt

June 8, 2017

truespace fbx fix

also keyframes only mode reads directly from the curve editor which can go crazy when things go beyond 90 degrees

sometimes go crazy when things go beyond 90 degrees rotation - THIS IS A TIME WASTER watch out for it

note imports to blender from tS look good

June 10, 2017

truespace ue4

basic tS staticmesh to ue4

  • export staticmesh from tS no fixyaw
  • import ue4 built-in normal mode
  • add to level - looks good
  • animate in tS export animation with fixyaw = good anim in ue4

basic tS skel mesh to ue4 - NO fixyaw

  • export skelmesh from tS
  • add to level - looks good
  • export animation from tS
  • import to content browser animation only - need work out how name stuff in tS
  • use animation in cinematics - looks good
June 11, 2017

check ue4 fbx export tS import


updated text of fbx install node - ready to publish

    tests on third person example map and content browser etc.
  • Content > Mannequin > Character > Mesh > SK_Mannequin - needs manual adjustment
  • ThirdPersonCharacter from map - needs manual adjustment, maybe not good for animation re-export
  • Export Asset button > Animation Data - cleanest import to tS, option of include mesh
  • Content > Mannequin > Animations > ThirdPersonRun - only export animations, no mesh option
  • ThirdPersonExampleMap - skelmesh manual adjustments similar to character from map

fbx to tS is good

September 16, 2017

check ue4 fbx tS

notes updated

  • ue4 cinematics camera transform and fov animations to tS are good
  • ts camera to ue4 good - must set sensor size to match
  • render from tS and ue4 shows camera animation matches at keyframes
  • ue4 scene lights and camera fbx to tS is good, except no fov data on camera
  • skel mesh(blueprint) pose is default inside truespace, in ue4 looks like frame of idle animation

fbx to tS is still good

September 17, 2017

check ue4 fbx and t3d tS

fbx tS to ue4 level

  • use yaw fix 180 if import static mesh into level
  • do not use yaw fix 180 if import to content browser
  • normalmap use built in option
  • create level actors option
  • fbx cameras and lights imported to level look good but structures don't match ue4 cam and light structures, import as actors not spotlight and camera

t3d tS to ue4 level

  • use *.* filename trick to import t3d files
  • level goes black -> save to fix it
  • cameras and lights are good and structures match built in ue4 structures
October 3, 2017


looks like it may be "easy" to add curve import to the tS -> blender plugin

January 17, 2018

ue4 notes

import fbx map to tS

all colors black, select and press Process StaticMeshes on t3dfbx import export utility

scale 0.01

collision meshes import inside out

infinite light no shadows - select and press convert infinite to directional on t3dfbx import export utility

skel mesh - skeleton outside etc - manual process to fix it

results are good

import fbx ThirdPersonIdle from anim/bp editor

mesh and animation good - arm hanging and telescoped

  • use weight paint to find the bad bone
  • animview fcurve
  • "upperarm_twist_01_lBone" - set joint all tx keys to 0
  • "lowerarm_twist_01_rBone" - set joint all tx keys from 0.28 to 0.14 which matches left side joint
  • note: same occurs when import to Blender or Lightwave - error in ue4 export

results are good

import fbx ThirdPersonIdle no animation then import animation only

imported ThirdPersonWalk which came from browser export

have to rename imported node to match skeleton name before transfer animation

results are good

import fbx camera from cinematics

got motion and fov animation

results are good

import fbx from ue4 is all good

August 27, 2018
April 7, 2017