WIP - Roamer  

Mesh transferred to the Unreal3 Editor

Mesh and animation transferred via trueSpace collada export
click the picture for video of door opening(3 sec 50kb wmv)

Low poly model complete.  4095 vertices, 4649 faces and 7838 triangles.  Material is color with a normal map for the detailed pieces.  The material applied here doesn't include the specular map.  The diffuse, specular and bump/normal for grunge need to be created.  Next up is transfer of the mesh to the unreal3 engine and then rigging the wheels.

UV Mapped and Textured
 - had a lot of trouble with color transfer from photoshop to truespace.  The inputbitmap node has compression checked by default and this changed the look and made random colors appear in the form of noise.  At this time the texture has no bump map applied to it, only color and specular maps are used.  The model has 67087 vertices and 87787 faces.  Next up is poly reduction and normal map generation to prepare for the transfer to the ut3 game.

almost done with modeling portion

refine the tires and steering wheel

started seat over from scratch, detailed the wheels, steering wheel, added the back seat and boolean subtracted the headlights

basic body shape and booleans ready to cut mesh
needs more detail in lower front and fewer lights in scene so can judge model smoothness

Marigold - fixed front swirl structure


build using edge extrudes instead of box modeling
1st try box modeling but difficult to work with especially with the image planes being off

This is the subject to be modeled and added to the game