Collada plugin for After Effects

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ARKII Roamer

May 8 2009 - quicktime 4 meg - click the picture
changed lighting and reflection environment, tweaked some colors and added a few details
May 2 2009 - click picture for video - quicktime 4 Megs
almost done - couple of errors and add sound
first roamer test comp
March 30 2009 - click picture for video - quicktime 1Meg 3 sec
First test composite from after effects - 14 passes

Next fix ground shadow, add driver, sound
new roamer start
click picture for video - quicktime 1.6M

restart project March 2009
re-tracked original footage, started materials, re-animated, re-lighting, add objects and backdrop to reflect,
remodeled vehicle to fix smoothing issues
new animation timing a little bit off
model cleanup
roamer model cleanup completed December 13 2008
next texturing and final animation
Update December 10 2008 - Added steering and chassis spring motion to the animatic, the wheel rotations maybe a little fast and the chassis sway animation is missing from the second clip
2 videos - click the lines below

1. pull away from the garage 2.38Mb quicktime
2. turn the corner 1.25Mb quicktime
the red shadow color helps in the process in the process of lining everything up
shadows shadow
click the 2 pictures above for the shadow test movies
the point lights used in earlier tests were too close to the scene and had to be adjusted to display properly
format quicktime mov(mpeg4), size 2.28Mb and 1.21Mb
light angle
Light angle test
Had to break the sequence into 3 shots so that the Voodoo tracker could process the information
light angle2 shadow angle shadow angle2
Match sun light angle
model cleanup
Model getting cleaned up and prepared for live composite.
Lightwave model script to convert nulls to a point cloud. To be used with scene files generated by the Voodoo tracking software so can have thousands of points instead of thousands of nulls.
href="../lightwave/downloads/" click for script (Script Lost)
normal mapped normalmapped2
Low poly model created in trueSpace for transfer to the Unreal game engine. 4095 vertices, 4649 faces and 7838 triangles.