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truespace renderers(copied from wiki)


To install dribble:

  • download and install 3Delight
  • download dribble source code and unrar the file
  • inside find a zip archive – .\dribble_source_092509\dribble\install\
  • unzip to find the setup program inside – dribble1.04wip080808_setup.exe
  • download dribble shaders for 3Delight 9.0 and copy to the \Program Files\3Delight\shaders\ folder

Note that as of 3Delight ver 9.0.84(maybe earlier) that the license server is no longer required unless you need to run on more than 2 cores.
How to Recompile the Shaders:

3Delight must already be installed to run the shader compiler.

After unRaring the file find the shaders folder

new way:

select the sl files in explorer(max of 15 files at one time), right click and choose “Compile with 3Delight”
old way:

open a command window to this location – windows 7 shift-right click on the folder gives an option to open the command window to that location

type the following command:

shaderdl *.sl
The result will be that all the old *.sdl files will be replaced with new ones specific to the version of 3Delight you are running. Copy the new sdl files to the 3Delight shaders folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\3Delight\shaders




The virtualight download includes some vs and bitmap files that are missing from the last trueSpace release(7.61)