Cardboard (GoogleVR) Quickstart for UE4

These are my notes for an alternate Quick Start Guide for Google Cardboard using Unreal Engine 4. I’m using a custom viewer made for the Nexus 7 ( running Marshmallow 6.0 The original guide is here…eVR/QuickStart and my changes appear below.

1 – Google VR Project Creation
step 3 – use First Person instead of the Blank Project

This change is so there is something more than just an empty scene to start with.

2 – Google VR Project Setup
step 11 – minimum sdk version of 19 and target sdk of 24 instead of setting both to 24
step 12 – arm7 instead of arm64

These changes are needed to use a device running something older than Nougat. I think the arm64 and sdk 24 settings are mainly for Daydream phones

3 – Google VR Project Packaging & Deployment
step 1 – ETC1 instead of ASTC…roid/Reference
ASTC “Available on some devices at this point…”
ETC1 “Supported by all Android based devices…”

That’s it. All other instructions are the same as in the guide.

Feb 12, 2019 – the latest unreal editor 4.21.x does not work with cardboard. It builds without errors but does not run/crashes immediately. UE4.20.x is the last working version.