button notes


general notes for scripting buttons

var tbbutt = Node.Create(‘Windows Manager Package/Toolbar Button Item’, mytoolbar);
Node.Value(tbbutt, “ControlID2D”) = “{2BBC850E-6EEF-4364-9265-A4A606AE464B}”;//must be this guid
Node.Value(tbbutt, “ControlID3D”) = “{2BBC850E-6EEF-4364-9265-A4A606AE464B}”;
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Package”) = “{E0C3ABBA-AA1C-4A09-8089-9ED4A8AC63B9}”;//needed for menu button
Node.Value(tbbutt, “Menu”) = false;
Node.Value(tbbutt, “Name”) = theframeSN;
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Preview2D”) = 303;//needed for image button
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Preview3D”) = 303;
var tbbutt2 = Node.Rename(tbbutt, theframeSN + “Button”);

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